Durox Foundation

Durox is a modern construction material, whose versatility, light weight, thermal and acoustic properties make it the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications in all types of building.

Durox can be used below ground in foundation walls, in suspended beam and block floors and in all types of internal and external walls. It provides many benefits for specifiers and contractors making it the natural choice where blockwork is specified.

Durox Foundation Blocks are produced specifically for use below DPC in solid walls. 

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  • Cavity walls below DPC
  • Solid Walls below DPC


  1. Low unit weight

    The light weight of Durox means more blocks per load, resulting in more environmentally-friendly transportation. 

  2. Fast building blocks

    Independently monitored trials have demonstrated that Durox Supabloc is over 20% faster to build with than conventional size aircrete blocks and over 30% faster than dense blocks.

  3. Easy to work

    Cutting, chasing and finishing are all straightforward and quick to achieve using standard tools.  

  4. Excellent acoustic and thermal performance

    Good U-values and Rw values, as well as Robust Details help specifiers more easily meet or exceed Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM requirements.

  5. Mortar Saving

    Due to fewer mortar joints, mortar savings of up to 22% can be made when compared to conventional size blocks. 


Durox Foundation blocks replace the inner and outer leaf, wall ties and concrete cavity fill associated with traditional build methods. Construction time can be halved compared to cavity construction and the Foundation wall becomes stable soon after laying, allowing the early start of above ground work.

In response to increasing standards of energy efficency, Durox Foundation blocks 310 x 350 x 215mm have been introduced. These blocks can accomodate cavity walls above ground of up to 350mm width wilst maintaining a conventional block bedding height.

Durox Foundation can be used to support cavity, solid walls, or frame constructions.

Both strengths of our 310 x 350 x 215mm Foundation Blocks are below the 20kg manual handling weight.

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