Hemelite Coursing Bricks

Hemelite is a range of lightweight aggregate blocks available in a variety of formats and suited to a number of loadbearing applications. Hemelite lightweight aggregate blocks are suitable for use in walls above and below ground and in block and beam floors. They have a proven high level of technical performance.

Coursing bricks are designed for use with the range of Hemelite blocks.  


  • Infilling over lintels and between floor joints


  1. Less Wastage

    Ideal for infilling over lintels and between floor joists.

  2. Excellent acoustic and thermal performance

    Good U-values and Rw values, as well as Robust Details.  

  3. Consistent Background

    Provides a uniform background to recieve plaster or render.  

  4. Sound Insulation

    Excellent sound insulation properties that comply with Robust Detail specifications and the Building Regulations.  

Application Details

Coursing bricks should be used for general coursing work, in-filling small areas of wall such as between timber floor or roof members as well as maintaining the coursing over lintels and at sills. Their use can eliminate cutting and wastage.  

Technical Properties

Hemelite Coursing Bricks (3.6n)    
Block Width (mm) 100 -
Unit weight (kg) 2.02 -


Hemelite Coursing Bricks (7.3n)    
Block Width (mm) 100 140
Unit weight (kg) 2.02 2.82


Hemelite Coursing Bricks (10.4n)    
Block Width (mm) 100 140
Unit weight (kg) 2.02 2.82


Please note availaibility may be dependent on order quantity and delivery location. Other dimensions and strengths may be available on request.

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