Hemelite Foundation

Hemelite is a range of lightweight aggregate blocks available in a variety of formats and suited to a number of loadbearing applications. Hemelite lightweight aggregate blocks are suitable for use in walls above and below ground and in block and beam floors. They have a proven high level of technical performance.

Hemelite Foundation blocks are produced specifically for use below DPC in solid walls.


  • Solid Walls below DPC
  • Cavity Walls below DPC


  1. Low unit weight

    Easy to handle, high strength to weight ratio, lower overall build weight.

  2. Excellent acoustic and thermal performance

    Good U-values and Rw values, as well as Robust Details.  

  3. Range of strengths

    Range of options available for wide range of specifications.  

  4. Sound Insulation

    Excellent sound insulation properties that comply with Robust Detail specifications and the Building Regulations.  

  5. Increased productivity

    Replaces traditional inner and outer leaf with one block, potentially halving construction time.  

Application Details

Foundation blocks are producted specifically for use below DPC in solid walls.

It replaces the inner and outer leaf, wall ties, and concrete cavity fill assosicated with traditional construction methods. This means that construction time may be halved compared to cavity walling and that the wall becomes stable soon after laying, eliminating the risk of collapsed cavities.

They are formed with recessed grooved in each sort edge to facilitate lifting and are available in a coursing height of 140mm.

These blocks are produced at our factory in Newark for supply into the Midlands area.

Technical Properties

Hemelite Foundation (7.3n) 275x300x140
Block Width (mm) 275
Unit weight (kg) 16.7
Laid weight (kg/m2) 408


Hemelite Foundation (7.3n) 300x275x140
Block Width (mm) 300
Unit weight (kg) 16.7
Laid weight (kg/m2) 408

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