Topcrete Paint Quality

Topcrete is a range of dense aggregate blocks available in a variety of formats and suited to a number of high loadbearing applications.

Topcrete dense aggregate blocks are suitable for use in walls above and below ground and in block and beam floors. They have a proven high level of technical performance.

Topcrete Paint Quality are close textured blocks for walls in commercial and leisure buildings which are to recieve direct decoration.

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  • Commercial and Leisure Buildings that require direct decoration


  1. Robust and Durable

    Suitable for use in all types of buildings.  

  2. Excellent acoustic performance

    Good Rw values, as well as Robust Details.  

  3. Range of strengths

    Range of options available for wide range of specifications.  

  4. Sound Insulation

    Excellent sound insulation properties that comply with Robust Detail specifications and the Building Regulations.  

  5. Easy to decorate

    Ideal background for drylining, plaster, rendering and fixings.  

Application Details

Close textured blocks ideally suited for walls in commercial and leisure buildings which are to recieve direct decoration.

It is recommended that the Topcrete Paint Quality blocks are painted as there may be variations in colour and texture depending on the factory of origin.

As a general rude, only one side of a block may be considered 'fair' as any dimensional tolerance will be reflected in the other face.

Separating Walls
The range of Topcrete solid blocks can be used with a number of Robust Detail constructions, including those with fully filled cavities, avoiding the need for pre-completion testing. In addition these constructions may be used with various robust detail separating floors.

Loadbearing walls
Topcrete is available in a range of strengths from 3.6 to 22.5N/mm2 which make them suitiable for a variety of structural applications from domestic to commercial building.

Topcrete blocks provide excellent periods of fire resistance which can satisfy building regulations and other imposed requirements e.g those of insurers. All Topcrete products conform to a fire rating of Class A1 to BS EN 13501-1:2002

Sound insulation
Topcrete blocks may be used to provide acoustic insulation between internal rooms to meet the requirements of Part E building regulations.

Topcrete blocks are producted to comply with 'Category 1' manufacturing control to BS EN 771-1 to 16.

Technical Properties

Topcrete Solid Paint Grade (7.3n & 10.4n)      
Block Width (mm) 100 140 -
Unit weight (kg) 18.0 25.2  
Laid weight (kg/m2) 190 266  


Topcrete Solid Midi Paint Grade (290x215mm) (7.3n & 10.4n)      
Block Width (mm) - 140 -
Unit weight (kg) - 16.6 -
Laid weight (kg/m2) - 266 -


Topcrete Cellular Paint Grade (3.6n & 7.3n)      
Block Width (mm) - 140 -
Unit weight (kg) - 18.4 -
Laid weight (kg/m2) - 199 -


Topcrete Cellular Multicore Paint Grade (3.6n, &7.3n)      
Block Width (mm) - 140 -
Unit weight (kg) - 18.4 -
Laid weight (kg/m2) - 199 -


Topcrete Hollow (3.6n & 7.3n)    
Block Width (mm) - 215
Unit weight (kg) - 25.6
Laid weight (kg/m2) - 237

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