Toplite Coursing Bricks

Toplite is a versatile aircrete material which is able to provide solutions below ground in foundation walls, in suspended beam and block floors and all types of internal and external walling situations. Its use provides many benefits for specifiers and contractors, making it the natural choice where blockwork is specified.

Coursing bricks are designed for use with the range of Toplite blocks to avoid thermal bridging and minimise wastage.

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  • Infilling over Lintels
  • Infilling between floor joints


  1. Fast building blocks

    Toplite blocks are light and easy to handle, decreasing build times

  2. Easy to work

    Cutting, chasing and finishing are all straightforward and quick to achieve using standard tools

  3. Less Wastage

    Ideal for infilling over lintels and between floor joints.  

  4. Reduced thermal bridging

    Minimises thermal bridging maximises efficiency

  5. Range of Strengths

    Two options available for a wide range of specifications.  

Application Details

Toplite coursing bricks should be used for general cousing work, infilling small areas of wall such as those between timber floor or roof members as well as sills and over lintels. Their use will eliminate cutting and wastage.

Technical Properties

Toplite Coursing Bricks 'GTI' (2.9n)        
Block Width (mm) 100 125 - -
Unit weight (kg) 0.66 0.83 - -


Toplite Coursing Bricks Standard (3.6n)        
Block Width (mm) 100 - 140 150
Unit weight (kg) 0.91 - 1.27 1.36


Toplite Coursing Bricks '7' (7.3n)        
Block Width (mm) 100 125 140 -
Unit weight (kg) 1.1 1.31 1.47 -

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