Case Studies





Community Engagement, Leicestershire 2013

Tarmac Contracting has been working in partnership with both LCC and Leicestershire Highways Organisation (LHO) on the LHWA since the beginning of 2008. As part of our works with LHWA we have sponsored and worked on many community based projects.


Environmental Improvements, Leicestershire

Environmental improvements, Leicestershire Highway Works Alliance. Maintenance free recycled plastic fencing. Erected on time and to budget.


Driving Efficiency, Leicestershire LHWA CIHT Award 2013

Partnership with the Leicestershire Highways Works Alliance (lhwa) Driving efficiency in Leicestershire. The contract has seen approximately £673k in efficiency savings during its first three years.


LHWA Localism, Leicestershire

How a local approach pays dividends Leicestershire Highways Works Alliance; Environment works, grass cutting


Grass Cutting, Leicestershire

Tarmac Contracting have been working in partnership with both Leicestershire County Council (LCC) and Leicestershire Highways Organisation (LHO) on the LHWA since the beginning of 2008. The LHWA contract was for an initial four year period with the opportunity of 3 one year extension periods, the second of which commences in April 2014.


Soil Stabilisation, Leicestershire

Having worked in partnership with Leicestershire County Council since 2008, the client approached us for a sustainable solution to road construction that minimised traffic movements, caused less disruption and contributed to CO2 savings.


GIS Mapping, Walsall

Working alongside KaarbonTech, who provide data collection, maintenance advice and flood risk analysis, an initial data collection exercise was carried out within the existing costs, over 2 years from 2013-15 so that a ‘needs based’ flexible cleaning regime could be adopted.


Operations Restructure, Walsall

With the likelihood of reductions between 20-30% in highway budgets over the next few years, we were met with a growing requirement from our client to provide a service that is business effective, demonstrates value for money and gives us a consistent manageable platform that meets the requirements of the contract. In order to achieve this we needed to ensure that we had the right business structure in place to take the business forward and remain competitive.


Ulticolour Bauxite Dec 2013

When Leicestershire County Council was faced with resurfacing the approach to a roundabout on the A6 at Berstall heading towards Mountsorrel and Loughborough, the solution required needed to be cost effective, long lasting and incur minimal disruption to the public during application.


Ultifastpath, Barwell Nov 2013

When Leicestershire County Council was faced with replacing a failed footway to a housing estate in Barwell, they looked to us to come up with a solution.


Ultifoam Dec 2013

Tarmac were approached by Leicestershire County Council after they discovered that some carriageway edging were failing and required reconstruction.


ULTISuDS Bristol

Construction of the 2,000m2 car park was a major element of a new purpose built Community Centre, a community-led design and build project


ULTISuDS Berkshire

The University of Reading wanted a product that could tackle storm water management at its campus. This resulted in the first SDS system to combine porous asphalt with an open drainage basin system by Tarmac.



The surface of a main commuter route into Cardiff was suffering from acute deformation. Vale of Glamorgan Council required a durable and faster alternative to hot-rolled asphalt to ensure minimum disruption for local road users.


ULTIFOAM Melton Mowbray

Tarmac’s focus was to recommend a solution that delivered sustainable performance and cost savings to the client. As a result ULTIFOAM was put forward for its environmentally friendly credentials



Leicestershire County Council was faced with replacing a failed footway to a busy housing estate in Barwell. We suggested the use of Ultifastpath as an alternative to conventional footway construction in order to minimise disruption and time taken on site.


ULTICRETE Dawsons Wharf

Dawson's Wharf required a solution for cracked and worn floors in the warehouses. We provided a solution that resulted in a highly durable surface that was trafficked within 24 hours of installation.



Birmingham City Council appointed us as their supplier and contractor on a major bus route redevelopment. Using our ULTICOLOUR solution asphalt aimed to show how driver compliance with bus lane regulation could be improved.



ULTICOLOUR was specified to mark out a distinctive pathway and pedestrian space within the area. ULTICOLOUR was specified in five different colours to create a series of walkways to guide visitors around the different sections.


ULTICOLOUR Bolton Playground

Contractor Bolton WISE appointed artist Kay Aplin to design a new low level playground themed around the children’s story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Kay approached Tarmac to supply the coloured surfacing options that could be used creatively to complement her designs



When Leicestershire County Council was faced with resurfacing the approach to a roundabout on the A6 at Berstall heading towards Mountsorrel and Loughborough, the solution required needed to be cost effective, long lasting and incur minimal disruption to the public during application.


ULTICOLOUR Chippings Horse Guards Parade

The aesthetics of the new surface were of utmost importance as the road is in a prestigious area. ULTICOLOUR chippings offered the solution.


Toproc ES - London Underground

Our expert team recommended Toproc ES microsilica concrete for its high abrasive qualities and rapid strength times


Toproc UW - Chew Magna Sewage Station

Clients Wessex Water Services Limited commissioned Tarmac to cast a concrete base 1,400mm deep – at the bottom of a 10m deep tank.


Bespoke concrete Sustainable Housing

Following extensive discussions with Jerry, Tarmac experts recommended a bespoke concrete mix that would be in keeping with the ideology behind the whole project


ULTIFASTPATH Footpaths, Barwell

Working in partnership with Leicestershire County Council we identified a single layer asphalt solution. The design would mean quicker laying, a tighter surface finish and denser compaction


ULTIFASTPAVE car park, Stansted airport

ULTIFASTPAVE was utilised to provide a single combined binder and surface course layer. The properties of ULTIFASTPAVE allowed easier compaction to achieve a dense, low voids mixture that was capable of providing the durable surface required for the low speed but heavy volumes of traffic.


ULTIFLEX resurfacing, Oxford Road

Around 200 tonnes of ULTIFLEX and a flexible binder course were laid by our team along 225m of the northbound carriageway of the A4020 during three night-time possessions.


ULTIMAT resurfacing, Alderminster Road

With the solution benefits evident in combating the surface cracking issues caused by the land shifts the project was successful in avoiding much more costly and disruptive full depth reconstruction. The flexible properties of ULTIMAT had delivered a surface that was tough and with reduced voids.


ULTISHIELD service station, M5

The busy service station had substantial damage across parking areas largely the result of fuel and other corrosive spillages. The client wanted a cheaper alternative to grouted macadam and ULTISHIELD was specified as an effective solution.


ULTISuDS Car Park B and Q, Portsmouth

The ULTISuDS design incorporated a bespoke infiltration system using a granular reservoir base and the hydraulic performance of each asphalt layer was tested to assess compliance before laying the next


ULTISuDS car park, Glasgow

After looking at various options Glasgow City Council’s final decision was to use ULTISuDS on the car park. This solution met all requirements including those of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).


ULTISuDS car Park, Wigan

To coincide with the opening of its new town centre offices, Wigan Council wanted to upgrade its car park at Chapel Lane. The car park is used by Council employees during the week and shoppers at the weekend


ULTISuDS case study car park, High Wycombe

Johnson and Johnson requested a system that would not simply channel water into the site’s drainage system but continue to allow it to percolate naturally into the ground.


ULTISuDS playground, Birmingham

Crocketts Community School in Smethwick, Birmingham, is an ‘Exemplar Schools Project’, demonstrating a commitment to the highest affordable levels of sustainable construction.


ULTISuDS ULTICOLOUR Community centre, Wolverhampton

ULTISuDS a proven SDS system, was successfully combined with ULTICOLOUR, coloured asphalt to complement the unusual style of building which utilises metal cladding with a red rusty look and feel to it


ULTITRACK Velodrome Bournemouth

Tarmac were recommended by British Cycling to also carry out the surfacing works as we were the only proven contractor with the experience and process capability to deliver the track.


ULTITREC Canal Towpath, Wakefield

ULTITREC was selected by our client in preference to 6mm gritstone primarily for its environmental credentials as a 100% recycled product.


Toproc AA Coastal Defence Blackpool

For over 100 years the old sea wall has provided Blackpool with protection from coastal erosion and flood alleviation. Constant bombardment from winter storms had taken its toll on the structures and much of the defensive structure needed to be replaced.


Toproc ES Alton Waste transfer station

Tarmac was asked to provide a concrete to construct a waste transfer station floor area. 75% of the floor area was designated for high wear use (tipping halls and storage bays) which would be subject to high impact and abrasion damage from large front end loading machines.


Toproc ES Arsenal Waste transfer station

A first floor suspended slab floor of approximately 6,400 m2 and 375mm thick was required by clients, London Borough of Islington, for their waste transfer station.


Toproc ES Brighton coastal protection scheme

Brighton and Hove Council wanted to maximise the abrasion resistance of the concrete used in the Brighton-Ovingdean Coast Protection Scheme.


Toproc ES Underbridge 41 Corby

Sufficient strength was needed at two hours to enable the installation of waterproofing material and a minimum 10N/mm² compressive strength was needed at eight hours to allow subsequent backfilling over the arch.


Buxton Lime - SITA Energy

Buxton Lime and Powders Technical Sales team worked with the SITA Isle of Man operations team to select the ideal grade of quicklime, and recommend modifications to the system and controls to give reliable operation and efficient, economic use of the product.


Effluent management at Toyota

Kalic has enabled Toyota to maintain the high standard of effluent management and reduce the use of more expensive and hazardous treatment chemicals.


Toproc SY MOD training camp

To eliminate the environmental and social impact of truck movements, Tarmac installed a site batch concrete plant at the barracks.



Working with Renfrewshire Council, Tarmac provided a solution which was fast and cost-effective, which would allow work to be completed in one day with minimal disruption.


ULTIFASTPATH Paisley Technical Details

Working with Renfrewshire Council, Tarmac provided a solution where the material was laid in one single layer, therefore halving the construction time.


Toproc CR Billingham

Tarmac were chosen to provide a concrete for the floor of a storage facility for rock salt at Billingham, Teesside, for Stockton Borough Council. Rock salt contains aggressive chlorides – so it was vitally important to construct the floor from materials that could resist the chemical attack.


Heathrow Terminal 5

Concrete made with Tarmac’s Portland cement PCRM has been used in the construction of the new Heathrow Terminal 5 building, aircraft stand areas, tunnels, and walkways – both within and outside the main concourse. Because of its versatility of use in concrete, Portland cement is the most commonly-used construction material in the world.


Whitelee Wind Farm, Scotland

Tarmac Cement has played a vital role in the construction of Europe’s largest onshore wind farm – which can provide enough green energy to power nearly 300,000 homes.


National Football Centre, St George's Park

Including 2 hotels, indoor football pitch, fitness and rehabilitation centre, swimming pool, spectator seating and basic infrastructure, this high-profile project required a sustainable, locally sourced solution. For the foundations, footings, retaining walls, drainage and floor slabs of the National Football Centre, Eco Phoenix concrete was supplied from Tarmac.


Toproc UW Weston-Super-Mare Sea Defence

Toproc UW proved to be a viable and economical alternative to precast panels and ensured all the performance specifications for the new sea defences were met.


Toproc ES Wolvercote Viaduct

When a major viaduct linking the Midlands and the South Coast needed a unique concrete ‘stitch’ pour to join the north and south carriageways – all carried out within a tight possession window – it was the Tarmac team that rose to the challenge.


Toproc AA and Toproc HR - Outokumpu Steel, Sheffield

Attaining superior strength and drying in a matter of hours, not weeks, ensured that work was completed well within the two-week timescale set. Several years later, both Toproc products continue to deliver exceptional strength and durability, with the heat resistant Toproc HR proving particularly effective in the furnace areas.


Buxton Lime Geofirma - Case Study

Geofirma Ltd are one of the UK’s leading Soil Stabilisation and Groundworking contractors. Stabilisation of unsuitable ground with lime, cement or both is a well established technique for use on difficult construction sites.


ULTICOLOUR Merthyr Tydfil

To restore and repair the existing network of woodland paths within Cyfarthfa Park with a red colour appearance and to ensure they were accessible for disabled users and walkers together with being durable for Parks maintenance vehicles.


Brett Concrete for Crossrail Tunnelling

Crossrail, the new high frequency, high capacity railway, is set to revolutionise travel in London. Construction is due for completion in 2018. And with 26 miles of tunnels, building this new artery passing through 40 stations is one of Europe’s biggest construction projects.


ULTIFASTPATH Newbattle High School

For this contract Midlothian Council installed the material in a single layer of 70mm, therefore halving construction time and used less material than if offering a conventional solution.


Eco Phoenix Pendennis Dock

In 2012 an expansion plan for Falmouth’s Pendennis shipyard was approved. The development included creation of 2 new wet docks, 3 construction halls and a four-storey office complex.


TBlocks, Whitley Bay

The unique interlocking design of TBlocks and recessed lifting eyes allows safe, accurate placement of blocks for efficient construction of a range of structures, including sea defences and retaining walls. It also provides guaranteed interlock in two planes for a highly stable, resistant structure that accommodates moderate differential settlement without structural damage.


Ultilow, M180 Aug 2014

Reconstruction of the INGS Roundabout to restore the pavement life for many years to come. The work was part of a package of 12 schemes in Area 12 secured by Tarmac National Contracting’s Cross Green office and involved reconstruction of large sections with over 2000t of EME 2.


ULTIMAT West Dumbartonshire

For this contract West Dumbartonshire Council installed 318T of material in a single layer of 35mm, therefore halving construction time which reduced the program and used less material than if offering a conventional solution.


Rutland Civil Engineering Partnership

Due to restricted budgets Rutland County Council found themselves with a lack of capacity in terms of workforce expertise in carrying out a number of key civil engineering projects.


Tixover Retaining Wall - Rutland

As a result of the skill and expertise of Tarmac’s Contracting team the new retaining wall was completed ahead of schedule and to cost (circa £215k) with the final aesthetic look of the wall being restored to its original state.


Rutland Pothole Repair & Maintenance

Historically Rutland County Council would cover off pothole repair and maintenance by having two men working on a day rate basis across the county, reacting to call outs as and when required.


ULTIMAT Port Glasgow

For this contract Inverclyde Council installed the material in a single layer of 40 mm, therefore significantly reducing the construction time and used less material than if offering a conventional solution.


Topmix Permeable Next High Wycombe

Planning requirements for this large retail development dictated that a sustainable drainage solution was required in the form of a permeable pavement for the 2800 m2 parking area.


Topmix Permeable Lindum Homes

Lindum Homes were developing a 20 housed small residential estate. They wanted a permeable surface pavement and car parking area for residents.


Topmix Permeable Roots Farm Shop

Roots Farm Shop wanted to extend their car parking facilities due to customer demand. Our permeable concrete offered a full attenuation system with the ability to increase the hard standing area whilst maintaining the pre-existing infiltration rates.


Topmix Permeable Worksop Golf Course

Worksop Golf Club required an overspill car park to cope with increasing customer demand.


Topfloor Collard Waste Transfer Eversley

The client required a very high performance “jointless” concrete flooring solution for their new waste recycling plant.


Topfloor Salt Barns Telford

Tarmac recommended using Topfloor for the salt barn floors, due to its immediate advantage of requiring no steel reinforcement.


Topfloor Somi Trailers 5 Years On

This uniquely successful client chose Tarmac’s innovation in concrete to help create a highly performing floor for their trailer assembly site.


Topfloor Somi Trailers Loxley Building

Topfloor had been developed for such projects and Tarmac was therefore able to propose an alternative design allowing for a reduction in slab depth and the removal of steel fibres, while still meeting the load requirements of the floor.


Topflow Architectural Concrete Hepworth

Topflow Architectural Self-compacting Concrete ensured that the external faces of the structure were of the highest standard, with the best possible surface finish achieved, over the entire structure.


Topflow Architectural Self Compacting Concrete Aquatic Centre

Following collaboration with the client, it was agreed to use Topflow Architectural Self-compacting concrete, which would provide the necessary strength and a high quality finish to complement the glass-reinforced plastic moulds.


Topflow Gatwick

Topflow 10mm Concrete demonstrated both fast drying and early strength properties, ensuring it also answered the requirement for short timescales.


Toproc Alton Waste

Having a proven history of long-term wear resistance in waste transfer station applications, Toproc concrete with added steel fibres was put forward as the optimal solution for Alton Waste Transfer station to achieve the abrasion resistance levels needed.


Toproc Arsenal Waste

With a proven history of success in waste transfer station applications, Toproc was recommended to London Borough of Islington as the optimal solution to meet their specification criteria.


Toproc Brighton

To achieve an abrasion resistant cast in-situ concrete, Tarmac proposed Toproc for use in the most exposed areas. The longterm wear resistance of Toproc had been well proven in many high abrasion applications.


Toproc Corby

Toproc achieves high strengths so early that it can be lightly t Product TOPROC rafficked in 24-48 hours.


Toproc London Underground

A high traffic area, the replacement concrete slab not only needed to have high abrasive resilience, but also needed to be completed with utmost speed and with minimum disruption to the operation of the site.


Toproc Wolvercote

Once the new viaduct was complete, the Tarmac team had just a 24-hour window to supply the concrete, working mostly out of hours, at night.


Toproc AA & HR Outokumpu Steel

Tarmac Toproc AA and Toproc HR deliver a combination of high strength, impact resistance and heat resistance in the most challenging environments.


Toproc Avonmouth

Toproc AA was the recommended solution due to its performance in previous refuse transfer station projects.


Toproc AA Blackpool

Tarmac undertook a long period of pre-contract trials and experimentation to optimise the concrete mixes. These were filed and processed through the electronic distribution system that coordinated daily requirements and was linked directly to the concrete plants, ensuring that only approved mixes were sent to site.


Toproc CR Bilingham

The area is a difficult environment, prone to very harsh winters and a lot of rock salt was required to be stored. Tarmac were therefore chosen to provide a concrete for the floor of the storage facility at Billingham, Teesside.


Toproc ED ASDA Wakefield

We needed a fast drying concrete that would allow the contractors to apply a Degussa - methyl methacrolite based resin floor finish - on top, within a timeframe of just seven days of the pour.


Toproc Rapid - Alcan Smelting Plant

P.A. Gascoigne, fixed maintenance contractor at one of Alcan’s aluminium smelting plants, needed to replace the floor slabs in a crucial part of the production line. The use of Toproc Rapid as the in situ replacement for the floor slabs more than halved the period of production downtime at the Alcan plant.


Toproc Rapid - Corus Works Lakenby

By using Toproc Rapid 48hr the client completed the work on schedule and within a much faster time frame compared to traditional concrete. The newly poured hardstands were able to be trafficked much faster, resulting in a significant reduction in both downtime and subsequent production losses.



The foundation pad for the turbine was successfully poured with Toproc Rapid 48hr. There were no construction joints and the concrete reached the specified strength within two days of pouring. This ensured the project was on schedule and allowed the first stem installation as planned.



A solution was needed to speed up the construction work at the entrance to Loughborough University, a project comprising four buildings covering a total area of 5,900m2 of mixed office and storage space.



The project was a tall order in more ways than one. A 65m control tower to replace the existing one at Manchester Airport, making it the second highest in the UK. The main circular shaft required a 24-hour continuous pour to ensure the shutter levels rose at an optimum rate of 300mm/hour throughout the project.


Toproc Rapid Precast Concrete Facility

A precast concrete manufacturing company, specialising in the rail market had been using the same concrete mix for nearly 20 years without any issue in terms of workability, finish and overall strength. Compared to the existing mix, Toproc Rapid offered a time saving as it provided a stronger product in a shorter time frame, as well as being an overall more consistent product.


Toproc Rapid - Re-Instatement Sutton Ford

Tarmac were contacted by the contractor to become involved in the road’s re-instatement and develop a long-term solution.


Toproc Rapid Sykes House Farm

Following detailed consultation with Sykes House Farm to establish the exact time constraints, strength requirements and aesthetics of the project, Tarmac experts advised the use of Toproc Rapid 48hr.


Toproc Rapid - New Tyne Tunnel

Toproc Rapid 15hr was developed as a bespoke solution for this project to offer high early strength of 10N at 12 hours, which enabled strip shuttering to happen on the same day and considerably reduced overall construction time.



The required strength for the lintels was 50N/mm2 at 48 hours and Tarmac’s Toproc attained the desired strength comfortably. It achieved 50N/mm2 after just 36 hours and went on to achieve 90N/mm2 after 28 days providing the necessary support and ensuring that deadlines were met comfortably.


Toproc SY Ministry of Defence

The use of high strength Toproc SY ensured the training camp’s enhancements were able to withstand the rigours of heavy vehicle traffic.


Toproc UW Magna Sewage

Toproc UW is a highly cohesive concrete with superb underwater washout resistance. 84m3 of Toproc UW was placed to a depth of 4m underwater in one pour from a single point in the centre of the tank.


Toproc UW Weston Super Mare

To ensure that the solution met both performance and aesthetic demands, Tarmac worked closely with Birse Coastal prior to the award of the contract, to provide a solution with Toproc UW, a cohesive concrete, with low permeability and resistance to washout.


Ultifoam Case Study A11 Norfolk

ULTIFOAM helped to improve sustainability on the A11 Fiveways to Thetford road improvement


Heathrow Terminal 2

“We rely on Ferrocrete for its rapid hardening properties and the quality of paste that its fineness delivers in our concrete production. It helps us to extrude the pre-stressed flooring sections better, speeds up our handling of the slabs and gives a better appearance to the finished product.”


Topflow London Bridge

When the complex design of Network Rail's new London Bridge station demanded 1500m3 of bespoke self-compacting concrete with a T3 finish for custom-made metal formwork, Costain turned to Tarmac to provide a solution.


Topflow Screed A The Shard

Tarmac's Topflow Screed A Sky is a blend of synthetic calcium sulphate binder, selected aggregates, special additives and clean potable water, to produce a pumpable self levelling, flowing screed manufactured to BS EN 13813:2001.


Topforce MF Anglian Water Services

The Tarmac team’s challenge was to provide a time-effective, cost-effective and sustainable concrete for the Corby water treatment works that would also meet the stringent health and safety targets and carbon saving criteria of the client, Anglian Water.


Topforce MF Port of Tyne

Topforce brings added concrete strength without the need for steel fabric reinforcement, reducing materials, labour and equipment costs.


Topforce NEC Birmingham

Topforce brings added concrete strength without the need for steel fabric reinforcement, reducing materials, labour and equipment costs.


Topforce Asda South Shields

Topforce fibre reinforced concrete was specified due to its high strength qualities – but also for its ease of construction. Topforce fibres are spread evenly within the mix and are angled at random.


Toptint Exposed Wicksteed Park

With Toptint Exposed, Tarmac were able to offer a concrete that was suitable for purpose, aesthetically pleasing and in addition, as the original specification would have been extremely expensive to produce (due to lack of materials that could be locally sourced),Tarmac were able to further value engineer the project by offering a cost saving to the customer with Toptint Exposed using locally sourced aggregate which helped to reach project sustainability targets as well.


Toptint South Shields

By providing the training and demonstrations to the team that would be working with the materials, Tarmac was able to accurately achieve the perfect concrete mixes and deliver a result that delighted the client and the local community.


ULTIFLEX M180 Scunthorpe

ULTIFLEX 6mm was proposed as the solution to a single sustainable source of aggregate for the works due to the high demands of 10mm aggregate already committed nationally to other network schemes.

Tarmac Building Products

Topsport Beaverbrook


Topflow Screed C Belitex Merthyr Tydfil

When a distressed home owner set out to rectify her rotting timber framed home in Merthyr Tydfil by building an extension on the back of her house, Tarmac were consulted by the contractor to help find a solution for the internal floor.


Topflow Screed C Belitex Llanfoist Village Hall

With a busy schedule of social events to host in the newly built area of Llanfoist's village hall, a speedy solution for a new floor was required.


Ultilow Midlothian

As part of a partnership project between City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council to build a new waste treatment facility in the Millerhill area of Midlothian, a new link road was required to connect the site to the local road network.


Topflow - Nova Victora

Nova Victoria is a 897,000sq ft area of redevelopment providing a link between Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace. The area will provide a new pedestrianised, landscaped public space of five public buildings.


Topflow, Varsity Hotel

Tarmac's challenge was to produce a unique, contemporary feature wall and window in one of Cambridge’s finest hotels. Tarmac cast a self compacting concrete on site horizontally. The formwork detail had to be perfect as every aspect would be replicated by the concrete. The final result is exactly what our client and the hotel were looking for.


Topflow, Whitechapel, London

East London’s vibrant and culturally diverse Whitechapel area, is undergoing a transformation as part of Crossrail’s £110 million project to give a facelift to Whitechapel station. We supplied all the Readymix concrete for four large pours totalling 3,000m3 that went down throughout the night.


Toptint - BMX Velodrome

The BMX Velodrome was one of the leading training grounds for the 2012 Olympic cyclists. For the pathways in the Velodrome the client wanted an aesthetically pleasing product that wouldn’t lose its colour over time. This is why the pathways were completed in a suitably standout colour in a material that was both slip resistant and durable.


Toptint, Colour, The Dream

Evans Concrete was responsible for fabricating ‘Dream’ – a striking 20m high sculpture portraying the head of a girl with her eyes closed. For this unique project Tarmac supplied a bespoke concrete mix containing all white materials and specialist ad mixtures.


Toptint, East Park Water Feature

Hull City Council architects wanted a decorative aggregate for a water feature in the city’s East Park. The contractor laid over 400m3 of Toptint Exposed concrete to provide an undulating feature with a natural appearance.


Toptint, Labrinth, St. Clare’s Convent

Tarmac was tasked by St. Clare’s Convent with supplying a coloured concrete for their proposed exterior labyrinth. Following extensive discussions Toptint Colour was recommended due to its ability to deliver consistent colour over large areas.


Value of Special Concretes in Concrete Buildings


Value of Special Concretes in Steel Framed Buildings

ULTITHIN Northumberland

As part of Northumberland County Council’s plans to generate efficiencies from their Highways maintenance programmes, three key resurfacing schemes were identified for potential cost savings.

ULTIGUARD - Villa Farm, Keisby, Lincolnshire

A durable, resistant surfacing was required for two large silage clamps at this farm in Lincolnshire. Ultiguard was recommended as an alternative to conventional asphalt and concrete.

ULTITHIN Case Study East Riding

This narrow street in Bridlington was suffering from severe surface wear and required full-depth resurfacing. Given ongoing pressure on road maintenance budgets the client, East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

ULTILAYER Case study - Bedwellty Mountain Road Gwent

This mountain road between Tredegar and Aberbargoed was in very poor condition resulting from higher than intended traffic volumes and exposure to extreme weather conditions. ULTILAYER was recommended as a 6mm dense solution in a 30mm thick surface course incorporating a steel slag aggregate.

ULTIPHALT HD Case study Recycling Centre, Stanford Le Hope

The link road serving a busy recycling centre was starting to deteriorate due to heavy trafficking by HGV’s. The existing concrete pavement was starting to crack and break up. ULTIPHALT HD was proposed as the solution to deliver a dense durable surface and resist the heavy point loading and turning forces associated with the HGV’s using the site.

ULTILOW Case study - Midlothian

As part of a partnership project between City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council to build a new waste treatment facility in the Millerhill area of Midlothian, a new link road was required to connect the site to the local road network.

ULTIFASTPATH Inverclyde - langhouse road

Inverclyde council where looking for a material that could be laid in a single layer as a replacement of the conventional material (HRA). ULTIFASTPATH offered an alternative to conventional footway construction that would minimise disruption and time taken on site.

ULTILOW M180 and M18 Junction Case study

Reconstruction of the INGS Roundabout to restore the pavement life for many years to come.

ULTIMAT case study - Caerphilly Road Merthy

This road, situated on a local bus route had previously been surfaced with a 14mm DBM which was suffering from serious deterioration. Tarmac were asked to provide a resurfacing solution that could be completed quickly to avoid disruption to the bus route and to road users.

ULTISPORT MUGA - Rushmere sports club

This sports club in Suffolk required three new sports pitches. The clients brief specified that the new surface needed to be able to withstand constant use for a range of sports including netball, basketball and football.


ULTIFOAM Case Study Rutland

Tarmac were approached by RCC after it was discovered that carriageway edging on two stretches of the A606 road in the Oakham area were failing and required reconstruction.

ULTISuDS Bathgate Case study

The Morrisons Bathgate store requireda SDS compliant system that supported the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) two stages of storm water treatment. We were engaged early in project working with on-site engineers Stuart McTaggart to help design the structure and rainwater capacity of the system two years before the work began.

ULTIPHALT SINGLE LAYER - Toppesfield - Rural link road - Suffolk

This rural road in Suffolk had deteriorated due to bad weather and frequent farm/plant traffic. As a result the road surface had become unsafe and full of potholes.

ULTICOLOUR POROUS Case Study - SEH Asphalt Lowestoft

The owner of a new care home in Lowestoft needed to surface an area at the front of their building. It would be used by residents and visitors to gain access to the care home and as a seating area. Safety of the residents was the main priority for the client, so the surface needed to be smooth, even and free of trip hazards.

ULTIGRIP A6 Leicestershire CC case study

When Leicestershire County Council was faced with resurfacing the approach to a roundabout on the A6 at Berstall heading towards Mountsorrel and Loughborough, the solution required needed to be cost effective, long lasting and incur minimal disruption to the public during application.

ULTIMAT Case Study Inverclyde Council penny fern

The site was a very busy road heavily trafficked with many junctions and give ways. Inverclyde Council wanted to resurface the road with a high performance single layer material to minimise access restrictions and avoid disruption to traffic and hazards to pedestrians.

ULTILOW Warwickshire Highways

As part of Worcestershire County Council’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, an ambitious KPI target was set for the use of warm mix asphalt in their highway maintenance contract. The target specified that warm mix asphalt should constitute 20% of total asphalt used in the county’s road maintenance.

ULTILAYER Case study - Sunrising Hill, Warwickshire

Sunrising Hill on the A422 is a steep hill (16% gradient) on a busy road between Banbury and Stratford up on Avon. The previous surface of HRA + 20mm Pre Coated Chippings had become highly polished, presenting problems for heavy vehicles ascending the hill and increasing the risk of serious accidents for road users when descending the hill.


Topmix Permeable Biggleswade Retail Park

A pavement for a car park was required that would be durable, free draining and comply with the water management requirements of the planning approval.


Topmix Permeable A628 Cockerhill Retaining Wall

When Tarmac were approached to provide a lightweight material that could also direct water away from a retaining wall, Topmix Permeable was the ideal solution.

ULTICOLOUR Cyfarthfa Park

The existing network of woodland paths within Cyfarthfa Park needed resurfacing to provide a more even surface that was accessible to all users.Tarmac recommended ULTICOLOUR CLASSIC RED as a solution. The red colour was important to replicate the original 200 year old red ash paths.


Topflow - Humber Bridge

With constant wear and tear of traffic over the years, The Humber bridge needed extensive maintenance. Tarmac were consulted to help find a solution.


Topflow - Topblock racking system

Tarmac Topblock had to replace the racking system in the Maltby facility which required a new 80m3 slab to be cast around the newly erected racks.


Topflow - Frodingham Viaduct

When a severely damaged archway required major structural work to strengthen it and a conventional mix wasn't going to be fluid enough to fill the void, Tarmac were approached to provide an alternative solution.


Topflow - Kensington Developments

When a customer approached Tarmac with the requirement for a concrete that was quick, easy and would work successfully in a trench, Topflow provided the solution.


Toproc Rapid - St George's Road, Network Rail

When an existing road surface surrounding the train track needed repair work, Tarmac were approached to help supply a solution that would gain sufficient strength in a short window of time to enable these vital links to be quickly back in use.


Topflow Screed A - Humberston Avenue (Thermio)

When a client refurbishing their property wanted to improve not only the quality of the finish of their floor but the overall standard of it's thermal co-efficiency too, Topflow Screed A Thermio provided the solution.


Ablemix - Wymeswold, Leicestershire


Topflow - Rosewood Homes

When a housebuilder and housing association were faced with on-site challenges in relation to site access, traffic management and noise pollution, Tarmac were able to help with a speedy and quiet solution.


Topflow - Stonehouse Property Developments

When a housebuilder approached Tarmac to provide a solution for a ground bearing slab for a 7 bedroom house that would be their show piece, Tarmac were able to not only supply but install the material.


Topflow - Sports Performance Centre, Heriot Watt University

When Tarmac were asked to provide a concrete solution for a building that would be aesthetically pleasing, create a modern look and work well with a specific shuttering, a Topflow Architectural mix hit the brief.

Ultilow Herefordshire case study

Herefordshire Council was committed to reduce carbon emissions from the production of road and footway materials by 20% by 2015. From May to December 2015 over 19,000 tonnes of ULTILOW warm mix asphalt was supplied to Herefordshire Council saving a total of 100 tonnes of CO2e.

Ultimat SAMI Case Study A449 Malvern


Topflow Runcorn Docks silo

When a customer approached Tarmac looking for a solution to infill the walls of a silo, Topflow provided the solution.


Topflow Screed A Excelio - Coed-y-brain school, Llanbradach

The floor in 2 classrooms at Coed-Y-Brain was ingressing water and a solution needed to be found.


Topflow Screed C Belitex - Coleridge Avenue, Penarth

The contractor was carrying out a refurbishment on a 3 bedroom, semi- detached town house in Penarth and consulted with Minimix about the floor.


Topflow - New science block, Hertfordshire University

When Boygues UK were awarded the contract to build the £26 million science block for Hertfordshire University, Tarmac were asked to get involved


TopProof - Friars Walk

The Friars Walk shopping centre in Newport is being built by Bowmer and Kirkland Limited for Queensberry Real Estate and will offer over 390,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space.


Toptint - Pontypridd Lido Project

Millions of pounds worth of funding was secured to renovate a Grade II-listed lido in Pontypridd. The lido, which had remained derelict since 1991, was given a new lease of life after the local authority clinched the funding required to restore it back to its former glory.


Toproc - Radyr-weir hydro scheme

Dawnus Civil Engineering were commissioned by Cardiff C.C to construct a hydro electric power station at Radyr Weir.The £2.6m scheme comprised of damming the section of works from the River Taff and constructing the structure to house the Archimedes turbine screws.


Topflow Screed C Belitex - Cog Road, Barry

Tarmac was approached to advise on a potential flooring solution for a project where there were challenging issues and short timescales involved.


Topflow - Penderys Street, Cardiff

Tarmac's customer was looking for a concrete flooring solution for a project that had challenging access issues.


Topflow - The Quays, Burton Waters

The Quays is a £15 million development of distinctive, high specification homes at Burton Waters, near Lincoln city centre. The client required a solution from Tarmac for the base of an infinity water feature that would sit in the heart of the development.


Topflow Screed A - Downing College

When a new development of student accommodation was to be constructed, Tarmac got involved to provide a solution for the 2800m2 floor area which needed an easy screed solution.


Topflow Screed A - Flooring Solutions - Stud Farm Bungalow, Streatlam Park


Topflow Horizontal - Flooring Solutions - Southdale Homes, Middlesbrough


Toptint - Chalfont

A new development of prestigious retirement homes set in the countryside of Buckinghamshire required a move away from the usual forms of asphalt and block paving traditionally used in footpaths and roadways.


Toptint Exposed - Trenchard Street

Tarmac Specialist Concrete Installations were approached by MUF Architects as they were seeking guidance on Tarmac's Toptint range of distinctive decorative concretes to help them deliver the artistic concept of replicating a dry canyon river bed in their design.


Topflow - Bond Street Station

To connect Crossrail with the London tube system, new passenger foot tunnels were to be engineered beneath the bustling streets of our Capital’s world famous Oxford Street and Bond Street shopping hub.


Berkeley Home Gala - Topflow Screed C Belitex

Tarmac's London Readymix team were contacted by Conneely Dry Lining, on the 1st March, with an urgent request from one of their most important clients.


White - Hackney - Toptint

The client and architect for Rosina Street had requested a "white" fair face finish for the core of a new residential development in Rosina Street, Hackney.


Topflow - Hammersmith Flyover

Hammersmith Flyover was opened in 1961. 50 years later de-icing salts had seriously compromised the structure of the Flyover. Special concrete products were needed to help complete the repairs.


Topflow - Mayfair Gallery

Two Work needed to produce a fair face finish balustrade and stair treads for an art gallery in Mayfair.


Topflow Pigmented - McLaren Excell

McLaren Excell contacted Tarmac to provide a concrete to be used for feature walls throughout the renovation and extension of a georgian house in Hampstead.


Topflow / Trenchflow - Wimpey Homes

Ground Developments found themselves digging 3.5m3 below ground level to overcome the poor ground conditions on this site.


Toproc - Burton Biscuit

Burton Biscuits were looking to have an essential yard repair carried out at one of their busiest factories in the UK and at what is one of their busiest times of the calendar year.


Toptint - Sea Defence

Development of a flood defence including the erection of a flood wall structure, replacement of residential access bridge and ancillary works, along with landscaping and associated works access.


Kingdom Hall - Topflow

When Tarmac's customer required a solution for a hall floor that would be quick and easy to install, Topflow was the answer.


Ultifastpath Powys CC

Footpath and cycle route upgrade. Reducing programme times and improving finish on a challenging site.


Kingswood Homes - Topflow Screed C Belitex & Trenchflow

Kingswood Homes are a growing house builder based in the West Midlands. They are a sister company of Touchwood who have historically completed projects using innovative products from Tarmac's Topflow range.


Topflow - Tiddington Road

Rajkowski are a design and build company that pride themselves on creativity and quality.They approached Tarmac with several flooring specifications. A site visit by our local technical sales representative gave Tarmac the opportunity to discuss all the solutions.


Topflow Screed C Belitex - Select And Save Store

Tarmac's Topflow screed C Belitex is a cement based flowing screed that is easy to install and can accept floor covering at just 14-21 days.


TopProof - Amington Swimming Pool

SPR Construction Services are one of our flowing concrete/screed partners based in the West Midlands region. They came to Tarmac with a swimming pool project which required waterproof concrete.


Leamington Spa - Topflow Screed A

This 6 story building in the heart of Royal Leamington Spa was previously used as an office building and is now evolving into luxury modern apartments.


2M Middlesbrough - Topflow Horizontal

Constructing a 1020m2 extension to the current 2M Foods cash and carry business in Middlesbrough.


CBGM A11 Fiveways to Thetford

Laying 84,000 tonnes of CBGM on the A11.


CBGM Heads of the Valley

Cutting congestion and carbon emissions in Wales.


ULTIFOAM Northumberland County Council

More sustainable road maintenance in Northumberland.



Recycling runways at an RAF base in Lincolnshire.


Topflow Screed A - House Renovation, Blakenhall

Whilst project managing the renovation of his property, Mr Dale was keen to appoint only skilled tradespeople to ensure works were carried out to a high standard. He contacted Tarmac to discuss various screeding options for installation over under-floor heating.


Topfloor -Recycling & Energy Recovery Facility, Veolia

When Clugston contacted Tarmac about the potential of supplying Topfloor to their project, the team set to work to ensure that the programme did not slip.


Ultilow A2 Kent

Tarmac was commissioned by Highways England to undertake a deep inlay reconstruction of the carriageway in order to provide a safer and smoother journey for road users. Both Highways England and the Bluewater Shopping Centre management team wanted to minimise disruption to road users and avoid lost business for retailers.


Ultilow M6 J13-12

This busy section of the M6 between Cannock and Stafford required resurfacing. This section of motorway forms a strategically important route between Birmingham and Manchester and carries high volumes of cars and heavy goods vehicles.

Topforce - New Compost Facility

A compost facility in Billingham required a durable concrete to combat attacks from potentially harsh chemicals. Tarmac's fibre reinforced Topforce met the requirements of the customer and reduced potential health and safety risks onsite.

Ultilife Hotbox Ceredigion Case study


A2 Bluewater

Tarmac was commissioned by Highways England to undertake a deep inlay reconstruction of the carriageway in order to provide a safer and smoother journey for road users. Both Highways England and the Bluewater Shopping Centre management team wanted to minimise disruption to road users and avoid lost business for retailers.

Topflow Screed C Belitex - Property Renovation, Halifax

Dragon's client was completing a renovation of a large property on New Lane in Shelf near Halifax and due to various reasons the build programme had slipped behind schedule. They needed a screed that would dry very quickly to get the programme back on schedule.

Topforce - STEMLab, Loughborough University

CSJ Construction were asked by Henry Brothers to place and finish the roof slab floor as part of their current contract at Loughborough University.

Toproc ES, United Plastics, Mountain Ash

Mid Glam Construction were appointed by United Plastics who run a precision injection moulding facility in Rhondda. They were asked to excavate and prepare a base in the heart of the working factory to take 2 new high pressure injection moulding machines.

Topflow 50N - Paddington Station

Topflow 50N is designed to provide high strength, while creating outstanding visual concrete, finished to the highest grade.Tarmac was appointed to supply this product to the new Crossrail station extension project at Paddington. The supply was for the 5 levels of slabs varying in size, and 6 Flared Head Elliptical columns that will be seen by millions of commuters that use the new station.

Topflow - Blackfriars case study

No.1 Blackfriars is a mixed use, 50 storey development. It comprises of residential apartments, commercial, entertainment and retail space.Tarmac completed 30 storeys by June 2016 and will continue to supply until completion in 2017.

Pavement Solutions / ULTIFOAM RAF Waddington Case Study

The 2.7km long runway at this RAF base near Lincoln required full depth reconstruction as part of a £35 million project. After detailed consultation with the client and main contractor, Tarmac proposed using a cement bound granular material (CBGM) and ULTIFOAM recycled asphalt to build the base of the runway.

MINIMIX Private Residence, Rossendale

Due to the location of the property and access to the interior, it wasn't a viable option to order a large mixer truck and concrete pump, as it would cause an obstruction on the road either in front or at the side of the property.

TOPFLOW Bluescape homes, Hornby

Bluescape intended on using a power floating mix which would have resulted in them taking more time to lay the concrete with more men.

TOPROC HS Blackfriars, London

Tarmac committed to the project by installing a new Microsilica dispensing system at Kings Cross. This new system was installed to specifically supply One Blackfriars.

TOPFLOW SCREED A Baltimore Wharf

Because Topflow is much quicker to lay compared with more traditional alternatives, the team managed to cover an area of about 700m per day.

TOPFLOW Sighthill Railway Projects, Glasgow

Balfour Beatty had the task of mass filling a disused railway tunnel on behalf of Glasgow City Council. 80% of the tunnel was filled with hardcore and insulation panels.


Tarmac's engineer, working closely with the Tarmac Specialist Concrete Installations team, designed the bespoke Topforce SF mix. Using steel fibres eliminated the need for costly reinforcement.

TOPFLOW SCREED A Kiwi care home, Derby

Topflow Screed A is made with a unique synthetic anhydrite binder in place of cement and is pump applied due to its fluid consistency. This means that it is easier to lay covering areas of up to 2000m2 in a day.



In order to optimise the use of available maintenance budgets, the client, Cheshire East Council were looking for a more efficient and cost effective approach to the routine repair of their highways assets. ULTIPATCH Pothole was recommended as a 6mm coldlay material, designed specifically for small scale multi-layer repairs. The specially developed binder in ULTIPATCH Pothole improves workability, even in low ambient temperatures for an improved finish and better long-term durability.


M62 Collaboration

The Westbound carriageway of this busy three lane section of the M62 between Leeds and Hull required scheduled resurfacing. The challenge was for supply chain partners to work collaboratively to compress programme times and reduce disruption for road users.

Topflow - Charles Church Homes, St Fagans

Building around 14,500 new homes a year in more than 400 prime locations nationwide, Persimmon is one of the UK's most successful house builders, committed to the highest standards of design, construction and service.

Talbot Builders, TRENCHFLOW

Talbot Green Builders are a local well established South Wales company, offering a mixture of building services from individual house construction, to kitchen re-design and installations.

Topflow - Lindum Homes, Hull

Caddick Civil Engineering have always been positive advocates of self- compacting concrete, using these types of products on many of their previous and current construction projects.

Topflow Screed A - EXCELIO Seer Construction, Brecon

Tarmac were approached by seers, looking for a screed solution for their new build project. The build had suffered from a number of re-designs during the initial build.

Topflow & Topfloor - Konfloor, Burnley Bridges

Konfloor Technology Limited are specialists in the design and management of Superflat and Joint-less Floors. They approached Tarmac at the pre-tender stage of this project, for a concrete solution.


Ultiglow Oakham

The client, Rutland County Council required a way of improving the safety and visibility of a section of footpath through a community space in Oakham, Leicestershire. After discussions with the client, Tarmac recommended ULTIGLOW, an innovative asphalt system that glows in the dark.

ULTIFASTPATH Weston-super-Mare - Feb 2016

This footpath and cycle route through a nature reserve near Weston super-Mare, had deteriorated and required resurfacing. Despite the challenges of the site, by using ULTIFASTPATH in a single 50mm layer, the contractor was able to achieve a strong, smooth finish while halving the time spent on site.


ULTIGRIP Cathkin, Glasgow case study

FLOORING SOLUTIONS Brightside Construction, Sheffield

Gripple Ltd had hired Brightside construction to build an extension on to their existing warehouse.

TOPROC RAPID Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport required an existing taxiway (Taxiway Juliet) to be replaced with a new concrete slab.

TOPTINT - McDonalds, Abergavenny

Due to its locality, planning regulations were so strict that the company wasn’t even allowed to erect the famous yellow arches that guide prospective dinners in from the main carriageway.

TOPPROOF - Private residence, USK Valley, Wales

The banking had to be cut away and the house set into the side of the hill. Due to location, the walls had to be designed to remain water tight at all times.

TOPFORCE - Aldi distribution centre

Unforeseen ground conditions and hydrological constraints pushed the development costs high enough to force Aldi to look at other sites outside of Wales.


TOPMIX PERMEABLE - Arsenal Youth Football Club

Topmix permeable was suggested by JB's engineers as an alternative to Hydraulically bound course grade aggregate.

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