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About Fairlop Quarry

Planning consent for sand and gravel extraction at Fairlop was first granted in the 1950s. Fairlop Country Park and the adjacent golf course are both restored quarry areas.

Fairlop is an important source of high quality aggregates, which are suitable for the manufacture of readymix concrete – the main end use for this material. The aggregates from the quarry are also used to produce a range of different sized gravels – as well as coarse and fine sands.

If consented the proposals would provide around 20% of the sand and gravel identified under Greater London in the period up to 2031.


About 1

Fairlop sand and gravel quarry has been operated and restored in a series of phases since the 1950s – as illustrated in the plan. Fairlop Country Park and the associated golf course are restored quarry areas.

More recent operations have seen an emphasis on land being restored to agriculture, in line with the relevant planning permissions for each phase.

The most recent extraction area was Phase D, south of Painters Road. All the sand and gravel from this phase has now been excavated, processed and sold from the site.

What we do

About 50% of the sand and gravel from the quarry is used to make readymix concrete.  This – and the other building materials – are used in local construction and building projects in and around north and east London.

Local 1

ASDA, Romford

local 2

Redbridge Cycling Centre


local 3

Barnardos Village, Barkingside

Voids created by mineral extraction can sometimes provide sustainable opportunities to deposit materials from local earth moving and construction contracts.  These inert materials are ideal for bringing the excavated quarry back up to its original ground levels as part of the quarry restoration programme.