Foundry Sands and THA

Tarmac Building Products supply foundry and industrial sands from our Eaton Hall quarry in Congleton, Cheshire. We combine first class resources with 50 years’ experience of providing the UK foundry industry and other industrial manufacturers with a range of silica sands for diverse applications.


  1. Superior Silica Sands

    With a silica content in excess of 96% and predominantly rounded grains, our Congleton foundry sands are widely recognised as among the best in the UK for foundry core and mould production. 

  2. Comprehensive technical support

    The company draws on many years experience of UK based mineral exploitation and combines them with the foundry technology expertise and technical back-up of Huttenes-Albertus GmbH (HA).  A rapid and comprehensive technical service is provided by experienced UK based staff. This is further supported by HA`s team of experienced foundry engineers and technologists who draw on experience of a truly global involvement in foundry operations.  

  3. Product Quality

    Our on-site, fully equipped laboratory, carries out continual monitoring and can provide customers with detailed technical information. Experienced staff members are always available to provide support and advice on our products and their related application. 

  4. Shell process expertise

    Also Based at Eaton Hall is Tilcon Huttenes-Albertus Ltd. (THA), a joint venture company formed in 1979 with Huttenes-Albertus GmbH, Europe's leading foundry resins and consumables manufacturer. Our fully automated plant produces resin coated sand for use in the shell process for all ferrous and non-ferrous mould and core applications. Aside from our standard product range formulations are developed and produced to suit individual customer requirements.


  • Roofing felt manufacture
  • Laying and stabilisation of block paving
  • Pipe-lining
  • Brick production
  • Floor screeds
  • Other industry processes

How it works

Special products for superior performance                  
In the increasingly demanding foundry industry a range of low expansion minerals and enhanced additives are enabling us to push back the frontiers of the shell process. This includes improved dimensional accuracy of castings and improved resistance to metal penetration, cracking and burn on. Our use of various low expansion minerals enables zircon and chromite sands to be replaced at lower cost and with much improved foundry handling and blowing characteristics.


Both silica and resin coated sand are available in 25kg, 40kg bags, 1 tonne bulk bags, 1.25 tonne capacity metal containers or bulk road-tankers. In all cases our operations are ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 assured.

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