Tarmac Marine supplies high quality natural sand and gravel aggregates from the seabed off the UK for use in ready mixed and pre-cast concrete, general construction and coastal defence schemes.

For the south coast and Thames regions, customers demand both sand and gravel. A high proportion of the aggregates used by Tarmac in central London come from marine sources, which have the advantage of ship-borne river transport and landing close to where they are ultimately needed. Tarmac’s Greenwich wharf, just upstream of the Thames Barrier, is the busiest marine aggregate plant in the UK, regularly processing over 1.5 million tonnes per year. Much of this is taken into central London by train using the site’s efficient rail loading facility. In this way, huge numbers of lorry movements across the city are avoided.

In the Irish Sea and Bristol Channel demand is for sand only. The marine sands targeted are naturally well sorted and are ready for use once landed without the need for any onshore processing. Coarse-grained, medium and fine sands can be supplied depending on the dredging area chosen.

Tarmac Marine also supplies sand and gravel to large-scale coastal defence and beach replenishment schemes, especially along the east and south coasts of England. Sand and gravel from the seabed is commonly well suited for beach replenishment because it matches beach sediments in composition, colour and grading. Supply is usually by dredging and pumping ashore, using third party dredgers specifically designed for this purpose.


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