Hi-Flow Tuf-Top

Hi-Flow Tuf-Top

Tarmac’s Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is a free flowing, protein free, self-smoothing industrial grade flooring system which is obtained by mixing water with a factory pre-blended formulation of high quality raw materials.

Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is ideal where heavy industrial traffic is to be utilised and for warehouse racking aisles. Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is suitable for use as the wearing surface or can receive resin coatings.

When laid at thicknesses from 7mm to 20mm Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is suitable for use in warehouses or internal industrial situations where there is a need for a smooth surface which has excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is not recommended for use in wet environments unless sealed with a suitable waterproof covering.

Product Benefits

  • Factory blended, tested and packaged in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001
  • Specifically formulated for hard wearing, internal industrial applications
  • Provides a smooth surface with excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Dry enough to withstand foot traffic after 2 to 4 hours (at 20℃)
  • Ready to receive floor coverings after 24 hours
  • Thicknesses 6mm to 20mm

Typical Performance

Fresh Properties:
Pot Life:

25 – 30

mins(temperature dependant)

Flow Ring Values: 

240-265mm (65mm Ø,
40mm High Flow Ring)

Hardened Properties:
Compressive and Flexural Strength N/mm² (air cured at 20&#8451)  EN 196 Mortar Prisms
Compressive Flexural
1 day 15.0  1 days  4.0
7 days 24.0  7 days  6.0
28 days 32.0  28 days  9.0

Controlled Expansion


7 days


28 days


Wear Resistance:  AR 0,5 (EN13892-4)

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