Dog Attack Injures Two Sheep

Two sheep were sadly chased and badly injured by a dog this morning in Panshanger Park.

Jennifer Gilbert, Panshanger Park People and Wildlife Officer said: “We are sad to report that two of our sheep were chased and attacked by a dog off the lead. This attack led to one sheep sustaining over 10 separate bite wounds to its body including its face, side and rear.

“Both sheep have been taken back to the farm to be treated for their injuries and we hope they will be ok.

“The rest of the sheep are still in the field but in light of this incident we have taken the decision to shut this field off to all users to ensure no further attacks on a currently very shaken up flock of sheep.

She also added: "It is important to remember that it is a criminal offence to let your dog worry livestock and this incident has been reported to the police.

"Unfortunately this incident was not witnessed by park staff and the owner was not present by the time the sheep were found."

If you have any information on the incident please call the police on 101. 

Dog Attack Injures Two Sheep
Image Credit: Tarmac