An update on the Mimram Trail

We recently held discussions with Hertfordshire County Council, Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, Friends of Panshanger park and the Herts Gardens Trust in an effort to find an acceptable solution to all parties which would allow the Mimram Valley trail to be opened.

This trail would have provided an additional east-west link through the park to the south of the River Mimram. The opening of the trail presents a number of challenges in terms of providing further public access, protecting the delicate ecology and preserving the historic value of the park.

We were hoping that a sensitively located fence alongside the river would be the solution that would allow the route to be opened whilst still protecting the chalk river and its wildlife.

However before we can put this in place Hertfordshire County Council has asked for further evidence to be provided to justify the need for a fence to protect the river and its wildlife in this location. Herts and Middlesex Wildlife trust are preparing this evidence.

We then hope we will be able to reach a resolution, acceptable to all parties, that will enable the route to be opened.In the meantime we advise park visitors to use the alternative east-west route through the Chisel Shelf Woodland.