The ultimate Clause 942 BBA HAPAS approved polymer modified thin surface course

ULTIPHALT P incorporates a high performance polymer modified binder and is suitable for most locations, from rural roads to heavily trafficked motorways. Using high grade aggregates it delivers outstanding durability along with impressive reductions in road noise and surface spray.



  • Motorways/Trunk roads
  • Urban roads
  • Housing Estates roads
  • Rural roads
  • Roundabouts


  1. Ultimate long term durability

    Using high quality high PSV aggregates, it maintains its surface texture and skid resistant properties over prolonged periods, even on heavily trafficked routes.
  2. Exceptional control

    Our stringent quality control procedures, from design to laying, ensure exceptional control over the quality and consistency of finished asphalt surfaces.
  3. Proven performance

    An exceptional record of performance on some of the busiest motorway routes in the UK.
  4. Ultimate versatility

    The ULTIPHALT P range includes 6mm, 10mm and 14mm products to meet a variety of thickness and texture requirements
  5. Ultimate Quality

    Our third party accredited ISO 9001 Systems and BBA certification ensures a consistently high quality product is supplied at all times.
  6. Ultimate noise reduction

    6mm ULTIPHALT P is one of the quietest hard wearing surfaces available.
  7. Ultimate support

    At Tarmac, technical excellence comes as standard. ULTIPHALT P is only available for installation by accredited contractors who have full access to our expert training, advice and technical support.

  • Achillies Building Confidence
  • Carbon Trust Standard

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