Asset Management

Working with asset management specialists Gaist, we can provide local authorities with an accurate evaluation of their entire network.  Help them secure funding to bring everything up to standard, without diverting funds from other services and put in place a proactive maintenance plan that minimises costs and delivers long-term savings.  

Using our experience together with advanced data collection and modelling technology, we help our clients to manage budgets more efficiently, extend asset life cycles, and build a business case for investment.

Our use of paving technology is improving the speed and precision of highway construction and maintenance. It is also offering clients the opportunity to gather data on their assets while this work is taking place. Our GPS controlled pavers use precision guidance to increase the accuracy of road construction. They also increase productivity by removing the need to manually place markers.

Value Adding Services

Asset management has played a vital part in our term maintenance contracts with local authorities.  The benefits of surveying, programme planning to budgeting and cutting costs allow us to provide a service that drives an open book way of working.  

Each maintenance contract uses asset management in different ways to meet thier individual needs and gain the outcomes they require for the area.  

Asset management shows complete visibility of costs to all parties involved showing where money is spent and where it will go.  It also provides a long-term outlook of the project.  


Asset management benefits

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