Tarmac provides sustainable lime products and solutions for effluent and waste water treatment across the UK

As the leading supplier of lime, our Kalic HS liquid lime is the product of choice for alkali treatment of industrial effluent, sludge and waste water systems.


  1. Neutralisation and pH Control

    A quick performing, ready-to-use suspension of 45% solids concentration with exceptional viscosity to maintain a balance pH level.

  2. Industrial Effluent Treatment

    A speciality liquid lime designed for optimised treatment of acidic waste water.

  3. Sewage and Sludge Treatment


  1. Freezing Point (storage)

    Below 0°C

  2. pH Buffering

    Maximum 12.4

  3. Heavy Metal Removal

    Excellent due to surfactants

  4. Operational Requirement

    No pump conversion required

  5. Dosing

    Difficult to overdose

  6. Cost Stability


  7. AD Systems

    Beneficial presence of calcium ions

Customer Value Delivery

  1. Sustainability

    We offer more environmentally friendly alternative lime product solution (Kalic HS) to caustic soda in the treatment of industrial effluents.

  2. Lower Operational Costs

    Our Kalic HS liquid lime provides a lower and non volatile cost.

  3. Safety

    Non-toxic and non-corrosive, Kalic HS is safer for both the environment and for operators to handle.

  4. Storage

    With a freezing point of 0˚C, storage systems seldom require heating.

  5. Stability

    Kalic HS has proven its excellent stability against settlement through extensive long-term production and field trials. 

  6. Chemical Oxygen Demand

    Depending on process, Kalic HS could reduce chemical oxygen demand by an extra 25% compared to other neutralising reagents.

  7. Fully Regulated

    Kalic HS is quality assured and produced in accordance with quality management standard ISO 9001 and environment standard ISO 1400.

  8. Strategic Partnership

    We partner with leading UK waste water process engineering and designing organisation to develop new or improve existing treatment systems.

  9. Telemetry

    By monitoring stock levels through telemetry, Tarmac will help reduce variability in stock levels.

Technical Information


Kalic HS Liquid Lime is a readymade, chemically stabilised suspension of calcium hydroxide in water (milk of lime). With typical solids concentration of 45% w/w, it can be handled as a liquid, eliminating the difficulties usually associated with powder and slurry.

Temperature control
Kalic HS Liquid Lime freezes at 0˚C allowing for easy storage, however freezing and thawing will increase the particle size and can make handling more difficult.

Supply and delivery
Normal supply is by articulated bulk air pressure road tanker in lot sizes up to 28 tonnes (20,000ltrs). Bulk deliveries are via a two-inch BS Table D flanged connection. Kalic HS Liquid Lime can also be supplied by our appointed distributor in 1,000-litre IBCs that are left on the customer’s site. Clean and empty Intermediate Bulk Containers can later be collected for recycling free of charge.

Reactivity Conductivity Test

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