Ready made suspension of calcium hydroxide in water

“Kalic” is a “milk of lime”, a suspension of calcium hydroxide. Unlike “normal” milk of lime, “Kalic” is stable in suspension and very fast reacting, making it easy to use with simple inexpensive equipment for storage & dosing.

Two grades of Kalic are available;

Kalic : 18% w/w suspension , extremely fine particle size and very reactive. Widely used in potable water treatment as it contains no chemical additives

Kalic HS : 45% w/w suspension, stable and fast reacting. Contains chemical stabiliser and viscosity additives. Kalic HS is primarly intended for effluent and waste water treatment systems. Read More


  1. More sustainable

    In the treatment of industrial effluents, Kalic Liquid Lime offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to caustic soda.

  2. Lower operational costs

    Kalic Liquid Lime has low cost storage and handling, in turn reducing operational and maintenance efforts.

  3. Safety first

    Non-toxic and non-corrosive, Kalic Liquid Lime is safer for both operators and the environment.

  4. Exceptional efficiency

    Time after time, Kalic Liquid Lime has proven to be highly effective with optimum reactivity and consistency.

  5. Fully certified

    Kalic Liquid Lime conforms to BS EN 125 18 Class 1, Type A.

  6. Industry-leading innovation

    The result of Tarmac’s on-going commitment to research and development, Kalic is among the industry’s most innovative liquid limes.

  7. Fully regulated

    The Kalic Liquid Lime range has been certified to ISO 14001 by the Environmental Agency.

  8. Ultimate support

    At Tarmac, technical excellence comes as standard. To ensure the best possible results, expert support and advice is never more than a phone call away.


  • Purification of drinking water
  • Sewage sludge stabilisation
  • Neutralises process effluent

Case studies


Effluent management at Toyota

Kalic has enabled Toyota to maintain the high standard of effluent management and reduce the use of more expensive and hazardous treatment chemicals.

Technical Information

All our customers can rely on the technical support of Buxton Lime, to provide expert advice on the best products for their needs, and efficient reliable use and handling of our products.

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