For restoration and conservation of period and historic buildings

White Peak Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) is a binder for masonry mortars which provides flexibility and breathability to the mortar, leading to better quality masonry construction and benefitting the long term durability of the building

White Peak Lime Putty is a high quality mature lime putty for lime mortars used in restoration and repair of historic buildings.

White Peak Limewash is an extremely fine limewash, an ideal finish for masonry or rendering using lime or NHL mortars

White Peak NHL

Available in two grades;

NHL3,5: Ideal for general masonry, rendering and plasters

NHL5: Used where early strength is important or in areas of high exposure


  1. Highly breathable and workable

    White Peak NHL is highly workable and fast setting allowing for free passage of moisture and air to help prevent damp problems.

  2. Eliminates shrinkage

    White Peak is highly flexible, allowing for movement and thermal expansion, virtually eliminating shrinkage cracks.

  3. Moveable

    White Peak lime putty sets by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. The slow setting process allows for small movements of buildings before the final set.
  4. Allows for building movements

    White Peak lime putty sets by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. The slow-setting process allows building to move very slightly before the final set.

  5. Long-term beauty

    White Peak limewash has a long-lasting robust finish and remains attractive as it gradually ages.

  6. Ultimate colour choice

    White Peak limewash holds pigments exceptionally well and is available in 24 ready mixed colours.

  7. Quality

    Quality-assured products.
  8. Ultimate support

    At Tarmac technical excellence comes as standard. To ensure the best possible results, expert support and advice is never more than a phone call away.

  9. Industry-leading innovation

    The result of Tarmac’s on-going commitment to research and development, White Peak is among the most innovative limewashes available today.

  10. Fully regulated

    The White Peak range has been certified to ISO 14001 by the Environmental Agency.



  • Rendering
  • New build projects
  • Internal and external work
  • Masonry
  • Mortars and repointing
  • Restoration and conservation projects

Technical Information

All our customers can rely on the technical support of Buxton Lime, to provide expert advice on the best products for their needs, and efficient reliable use and handling of our products.

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