Slag Aggregates in Asphalt

An ideal aggregate for base, binder and surface course asphalt products, the inherent properties in steel slag are assessed in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 13043 and can produce asphalt materials exhibiting superior properties to those manufactured with primary aggregate.


Steel slag produces an aggregate that:

  • Provides excellent resistance to deformation of ruts in surface course asphalt
  • Ensures long life of road surfaces
  • Is hard wearing – providing a durable material that will not wear away
  • Resists polishing, providing safe riding surfaces for the whole life of the road

Used for surfacing domestic driveways as well as heavy industrial areas and the heaviest trafficked roads including SHW 942 thin surfacings, steel slag aggregates are approved by the Highways Agency on the trunk road network (including motorways) for all traffic levels and site categories where aggregates with a minimum polished stone value (PSV) up to and including 60 are required in HA Standard HD36.


SteelMac proprietary asphalts

A proprietary asphalt product range produced by Tarmac using steel slag. SteelMac takes advantage of the high durability of steel slag compared to standard aggregate products. The products combined with advanced asphalt design and bitumen technology, offer application solutions for all industrial locations.

  • SteelMac AC 10 – car park areas, low-medium stress areas
  • SteelMac AC 10 HD - high stress areas
  • SteelMac 10 HT - higher speed areas requiring superior surface texture
  • SteelMac ULTISHIELD – fuel resistant

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