Climate change

We take a whole-life approach to energy and greenhouse gas management.  This covers everything from the materials we use and our operations, to the transport of our products, their in-use performance and recycling or disposal at the end of life. Investing in energy and carbon efficient technologies, utlilising waste-derived fuels and renewable energy sources, and responsible supply chain and logistics management all help to reduce the embodied carbon in our products.

Environmental stewardship

We are committed to minimising the impact of our business on air, water, land and people, providing a net positive contribution to biodiversity and respecting cultural heritage. To this end we are continuously improving our performance through the effective implementation of ISO 14001 environmental management systems.

Resource efficiency

We believe that finite natural resources must be used efficiently and are actively promoting the transition to a circular economy by conserving water, designing out waste reusing and recovering  materials wherever possible. By using recycled and secondary materials from other industries as raw materials for our products and fuels for our production processes we have become a net user of waste, using many times more than we produce.

We are committed to outstanding environmental performance, reducing greenhouse gases, optimising the use of resources and making a net positive contribution to biodiversity.

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