Sustainable Supply Chain

We manage our supply chain to ensure that we work with trusted companies that share our beliefs and values, commitment to continuous improvement and contribute to our sustainability objectives. All of our products are certified to BES 6001, an independently verified standard that provides customers and other stakeholders with reassurance that everything we supply has been responsibly sourced.

Innovation and quality

Understanding how customers use our products enables us to develop innovative, added-value solutions that contribute positively to whole life sustainability performance. Quality is assured through the use of best practice quality management systems with all products, manufacturing sites and services certified to ISO 9001.  

Sustainable Construction

We are passionate about our role in supporting our customers to create a more sustainable built environment. We do this by providing information and expertise and delivering products, systems and solutions that optimise the use of resources and enable the construction of long lasting, energy efficient buildings and structures that are easy to maintain, operate and deconstruct at the end of their life. 

We are committed to providing solutions that make a positive contribution to the development of sustainable communities and a low carbon built environment.

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