The ultimate sustainable drainage solution

In response to growing concerns over flood risk management, ULTISuDS is an integrated sustainable drainage solution that meets the requirements of current environmental legislation and reduces the risk of flooding by managing surface water at source.

Combining engineered porous asphalts and specialist base aggregates with measures like infiltration strips, ponds and swales, rainwater is quickly intercepted before it enters the watercourse and then slowly released into the ground below.

ULTISuDS is only available for installation by our own expert Contracting division, who evaluate each site and then help design custom drainage solutions that meet client requirements.

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  1. Ultimate expertise

    Our own experts are able to assist with evaluation of individual site requirements and help design custom drainage solutions that meet client specifications.
  2. Complete solutions

    By combining engineered porous asphalts and permeable aggregate support layers with other environmental measures like infiltration strips, ponds and swales, rainwater is intercepted before it enters the watercourse.
  3. Outstanding performance

    ULTISuDS achieves a Hydraulic Conductivity rating at installation of 5000mm/hr, far exceeding the worst recorded UK rainfall of 100mm/hr.
  4. Enhanced compliance

    As part of a sustainable drainage solution, ULTISuDS meets the requirements of planning regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes.
  5. Ultimate sustainability

    Developing and producing sustainable construction products and solutions is at the heart of Tarmac. All of our products are manufactured in the UK and certified under BES 6001 Responsible sourcing.

  6. Ultimate Support

    At Tarmac, technical excellence comes as standard. ULTISuDS is only available for installation by our own expert Contracting division, who evaluate each site to make sure our clients get the right solution and then deliver it to the highest industry standards.


  • Housing Estate roads
  • Retail Parks
  • Car Parks
  • Multi-use games areas (MUGA)

Case studies


ULTISuDS Bristol

Construction of the 2,000m2 car park was a major element of a new purpose built Community Centre, a community-led design and build project


ULTISuDS Berkshire

The University of Reading wanted a product that could tackle storm water management at its campus. This resulted in the first SDS system to combine porous asphalt with an open drainage basin system by Tarmac.


ULTISuDS Car Park B and Q, Portsmouth

The ULTISuDS design incorporated a bespoke infiltration system using a granular reservoir base and the hydraulic performance of each asphalt layer was tested to assess compliance before laying the next


ULTISuDS car park, Glasgow

After looking at various options Glasgow City Council’s final decision was to use ULTISuDS on the car park. This solution met all requirements including those of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).


ULTISuDS car Park, Wigan

To coincide with the opening of its new town centre offices, Wigan Council wanted to upgrade its car park at Chapel Lane. The car park is used by Council employees during the week and shoppers at the weekend


ULTISuDS case study car park, High Wycombe

Johnson and Johnson requested a system that would not simply channel water into the site’s drainage system but continue to allow it to percolate naturally into the ground.


ULTISuDS playground, Birmingham

Crocketts Community School in Smethwick, Birmingham, is an ‘Exemplar Schools Project’, demonstrating a commitment to the highest affordable levels of sustainable construction.


ULTISuDS ULTICOLOUR Community centre, Wolverhampton

ULTISuDS a proven SDS system, was successfully combined with ULTICOLOUR, coloured asphalt to complement the unusual style of building which utilises metal cladding with a red rusty look and feel to it


ULTISuDS Bathgate Case study

The Morrisons Bathgate store requireda SDS compliant system that supported the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) two stages of storm water treatment. We were engaged early in project working with on-site engineers Stuart McTaggart to help design the structure and rainwater capacity of the system two years before the work began.

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