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New Ulticolour paver a bright idea for a flawless finish

Tarmac has acquired a new bespoke rainbow-coloured paver to guarantee a high-quality finish for clients taking advantage of the vibrant tones in its Ulticolour asphalt range.

The unique machine eliminates any risk of colour contamination and is exclusively available for hire for installations of buff and natural Ulticolour surfaces.

Richard Hastings, senior development manager for Tarmac’s national commercial construction solutions business, said: “Specifiers looking to deliver distinctive projects with Ulticolour asphalt now have the opportunity to ensure the highest standard of finish. The new paver certainly looks eye-catching, and it will make a real difference where accredited contractors need to ensure their surfaces have an unblemished appearance.”

Ulticolour is a range of vibrant coloured asphalts used for a variety of outdoor spaces including driveways, playgrounds, estate roads and bus lanes etc. Using a high performance clear binder, it offers brighter colours than conventional asphalts and is also highly durable, making the product suitable for use on roads with high volumes of traffic.

The new paver’s exclusive use for Ulticolour buff and natural tones, which ensures the highest quality surface, achieved by our ‘state of the art paver’ and is accompanied with a highly skilled driver.  In addition, the dedicated Ulticolour paver takes away this risk of contamination and eliminates the loss of productivity and costs associated with cleaning a non-specialised paver for the job.

For more information about the paver or hire enquiries, please contact:

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New Ulticolour paver a bright idea for a flawless finish

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