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Tarmac joins Rudolph to guide Santa’s sleigh 

With children waiting with bated breath for the arrival of Santa Claus, Tarmac is spreading the yuletide joy, helping families up and down the country ensure their homes are visible this Christmas  

With the recent spate of bad weather causing damage to signage to guide Santa’s sleigh to homes, the risk of some houses being missed by Father Christmas this year has been growing.   

One homeowner commented: “It was looking likely Santa would miss our home, which would’ve been really disappointing. Having spoken with other families in the area they recommended Tarmac’s glow in the dark surfaces. Now, I think Christmas could be saved.” 

Tarmac has been using its specially formulated glow in the dark asphalt, ULTIGLOW, and coloured concrete, TOPTINT, on driveways, ensuring they act as a runway to steer Santa’s sleigh to the homes of children throughout the country.  

Jim Bells, Head of Christmas Affairs at Tarmac, said:  

It used to be that we’d rely on ‘Santa this way’ signs to guide Father Christmas to our chimneys. With the adverse weather, it can’t be guaranteed that Santa visits each home. So, we are lighting up driveways to ensure children are beaming from ear to ear come Christmas morning. 

“We’ll be providing ULTIGLOW to those homes most in need of some festive magic. ULTIGLOW’s distinctive glowing appearance provides a striking visual impact that is sure to catch the attention of Santa as he darts through the night sky.  Even in poor weather and without traditional signage, the glow of the driveway will act as a landing pad for Santa and his sleigh. 

To find out more about how you can light up your own driveway, ‘Yule’ want to Dash(er) your way to:

Watch Tarmac’s Christmas video:

Tarmac joins Rudolph to guide Santa’s sleigh 

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