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Tarmac Cement unveils ‘One of the Family’ campaign

Tarmac’s cement business has launched a packed brand positioning campaign called ‘One of the Family’. The ‘One of the Family’ campaign aims to highlight that when it comes to having good, solid family values, Blue Circle’s packed cement range has bags of them.

The campaign will promote the Blue Circle range, which has a history stretching back over 100 years. Each individual product is associated with a family characteristic that is aligned to the product’s features and the benefits they bring to the end-user.

Sites in Dunbar, Aberthaw, Tunstead and Barnstone make up Tarmac’s cement business. The business provides the material in bulk and packed formats, with a wide range of packed cements and premixed products currently available from builders’ merchants and retailers throughout the UK.

Gareth Osborne, Tarmac’s senior marketing manager for the cement business, commented: “As one of the industry’s most iconic brands it’s important for Blue Circle to continue to drive innovation in its marketing programme in order to drive merchant sales. Using ‘personalities’ to describe the Blue Circle family of packed products helps bring the brand to life in an engaging way. We want people to know that whatever job they are tackling, they should choose Blue Circle as they can count on strong and solid support.’

Visit Tarmac’s Blue Circle website here and read more about the products and their ‘personalities’

Tarmac Cement unveils ‘One of the Family’ campaign

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