The ultimate solution to reflective cracking and road surface deformation.

The Highways Agency and local authorities spend millions of pounds on repair and maintenance work every year. Despite this, on difficult sites the same problems continue to recur, often within months of the work being completed.

To meet this challenge Tarmac has developed ULTIMAT, a high performance asphalt provides enhanced resistance to reflective cracking and road surface deformation. A proven alternative to conventional bituminous road surfacing materials, ULTIMAT combines outstanding flexibility and strength to deliver long-term durability, even on the most difficult sites where conventional materials have failed.

ULTIMAT is only available for installation by accredited contractors who have full access to our expert training, advice and technical support.


  1. Ultimate Speed

    The range includes a single layer solution to replace surface and binder courses thereby reducing construction time.
  2. Ultimate Convenience

    Faster construction times keep busy roads moving, minimising disruption to road users.
  3. Ultimate Value

    Shorter construction time reduces programme costs, and the need for expensive geotextiles.
  4. Ultimate Durability

    Proven on some of the UK’s busiest and most problematic roads, including Oxford Street in London.
  5. Ultimate Support

    At Tarmac, technical excellence comes as standard. ULTIMAT is only available for installation by accredited contractors who have full access to our expert training, advice and technical support.

  6. Ultimate Sustainability

    Potential to reduce the depth of reconstruction and the associated volume of overall construction materials, thereby contributing to sustainability at source.


  • Urban roads
  • Housing Estates roads
  • Rural roads
  • Roundabouts

Case studies


ULTIMAT resurfacing, Alderminster Road

With the solution benefits evident in combating the surface cracking issues caused by the land shifts the project was successful in avoiding much more costly and disruptive full depth reconstruction. The flexible properties of ULTIMAT had delivered a surface that was tough and with reduced voids.


ULTIMAT West Dumbartonshire

For this contract West Dumbartonshire Council installed 318T of material in a single layer of 35mm, therefore halving construction time which reduced the program and used less material than if offering a conventional solution.


ULTIMAT Port Glasgow

For this contract Inverclyde Council installed the material in a single layer of 40 mm, therefore significantly reducing the construction time and used less material than if offering a conventional solution.


ULTIMAT case study - Caerphilly Road Merthy

This road, situated on a local bus route had previously been surfaced with a 14mm DBM which was suffering from serious deterioration. Tarmac were asked to provide a resurfacing solution that could be completed quickly to avoid disruption to the bus route and to road users.


ULTIMAT Case Study Inverclyde Council penny fern

The site was a very busy road heavily trafficked with many junctions and give ways. Inverclyde Council wanted to resurface the road with a high performance single layer material to minimise access restrictions and avoid disruption to traffic and hazards to pedestrians.


ULTIMAT Western Avenue, Dorset Case study

Ultimat provided an innovative single layer resurfacing solution to the problem of cracking on this residential road. The client was impressed with the speed of the work, which reduced disruption for road users.

  • Achillies Building Confidence
  • Carbon Trust Standard

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