Tarmac Contracting is the leading provider of asphalt surfacing in the UK with 19 offices throughout the country providing an outlet for approaching 3 million tonnes of asphalt a year.  Our business offers a range of services, from highway maintenance and airfield surfacing through to cementitious pavements, road planing, street lighting, traffic management and winter maintenance.

Working in both the private and public sector we offer a flexible and innovative service, delivering our accumulated experience and know-how to benefit you and your community. 

The Tarmac contracting team act as a single provider.  Not only of services, but of products too.  From the raw materials in our own quarries, to our unique product innovations, to our years of accumulated knowledge, we deliver everything that is required from within our Tarmac family.  


  • Surfacing
  • Road Recycling
  • Highway Services
  • Civil Engineering
  • Traffic Management
  • Winter Maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Call Out
  • Street Lighting and Signage
  • Fencing
  • Surface dressing, slurry sealing and high friction surfacing
  • Carriageway and footway construction and repairs
  • Junction Improvements
  • Network Management
  • Road Marking and Studs
  • Drainage Works
  • National Road Planing (NRP)
  • Asset Management

Why choose us

  1. National coverage

    Tarmac Contracting has 19 area offices nationwide helping to provide a local service

  2. Teamwork, innovation and safety

    are all key focus areas
  3. Close client collaboration

    help support new regulations and the complex demands for highways maintenance.
  4. Extensive experience

    In developing, modernising and maintaining the UK roads and transport infrastructure. This enables us to utilise our skill and versatility to benefit a variety of customers and sectors.
  5. Building relationships

    To deliver with a range of local authorities
  6. Highly qualified teams

    Providing a range of services and innovative products

Case Studies


Winter Maintenance, Leicestershire

The Leicestershire Highways Works Alliance contract includes a range of environmental works, including grass cutting of highway verges and winter road maintenance.


Grass Cutting, Leicestershire

Tarmac Contracting have been working in partnership with both Leicestershire County Council (LCC) and Leicestershire Highways Organisation (LHO) on the LHWA since the beginning of 2008. The LHWA contract was for an initial four year period with the opportunity of 3 one year extension periods, the second of which commences in April 2014.


Community Engagement, Leicestershire 2013

Tarmac Contracting has been working in partnership with both LCC and Leicestershire Highways Organisation (LHO) on the LHWA since the beginning of 2008. As part of our works with LHWA we have sponsored and worked on many community based projects.


Environmental Improvements, Leicestershire

Environmental improvements, Leicestershire Highway Works Alliance. Maintenance free recycled plastic fencing. Erected on time and to budget.


Driving Efficiency, Leicestershire LHWA CIHT Award 2013

Partnership with the Leicestershire Highways Works Alliance (lhwa) Driving efficiency in Leicestershire. The contract has seen approximately £673k in efficiency savings during its first three years.


LHWA Localism, Leicestershire

How a local approach pays dividends Leicestershire Highways Works Alliance; Environment works, grass cutting


Soil Stabilisation, Leicestershire

Having worked in partnership with Leicestershire County Council since 2008, the client approached us for a sustainable solution to road construction that minimised traffic movements, caused less disruption and contributed to CO2 savings.


GIS Mapping, Walsall

Working alongside KaarbonTech, who provide data collection, maintenance advice and flood risk analysis, an initial data collection exercise was carried out within the existing costs, over 2 years from 2013-15 so that a ‘needs based’ flexible cleaning regime could be adopted.


Operations Restructure, Walsall

With the likelihood of reductions between 20-30% in highway budgets over the next few years, we were met with a growing requirement from our client to provide a service that is business effective, demonstrates value for money and gives us a consistent manageable platform that meets the requirements of the contract. In order to achieve this we needed to ensure that we had the right business structure in place to take the business forward and remain competitive.

  • Achillies UVDB
  • Achillies Building Confidence
  • Considerate constructors
  • IIP Champion
  • IIP Gold

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