Low-impurity high quality quicklime

The Calbux range of quicklime products provide a comprehensive selection of reactivity and particle size distributions. From coarse granular to very fine powder and from medium to high reactivity, the products within the range are suitable for use across a wide range of industrial applications.  

Product Range

  1. Calbux Lump 40

    40mm nominal size high purity quicklime, medium to high reactivity
  2. Calbux Granular 15

    15mm nominal size high purity quicklime, medium to high reactivity
  3. Calbux Fine 6

    0-6mm high reactivity quicklime
  4. Calbux Fine 5

    2- 5mm medium reactivity quicklime
  5. Calbux Fine 1

    1 mm medium reactivity quicklime
  6. Calbux 60

    Coarse ground high reactivity quicklime
  7. Calbux 90

    Fine ground high reactivity quicklime
  8. Calbux Microfine

    Extremely fine ground medium reactivity quicklime
  9. Calbux Flowfine

    Very fine flowing product designed for injection processes


  1. Industry-leading Innovation

    The result of Tarmac's on-going commitment to research and development, the Calbux range of quicklimes is among the most innovative in the industry.  

  2. Fully regulated

    The Calubux range has been certified to ISO 14001 by the Environmental Agency.

  3. Ultimate versatility

    From coarse granular to very fine powder; from medium to high reactivity, the Calbux range offers solutions for every industrial application.  

  4. Ultimate Support

    At Tarmac technical excellence comes as standard.  To ensure the best possible results, expert support and advice is never more than a phone call away.

  5. Quality

    Consistent high quality products.
  6. Flexibility

    Flexibility & security of supply
  7. Technical expertise

  8. Buxton Lime - Energy From Waste

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  • Industrial production of iron and steel - basic oxygen steelmaking, electric arc furnace and secondary steel making
  • Manufacture of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and calcium silicate bricks
  • Treatment of industrial, effluent and combustion gases
  • Refining and purifying of ores
  • Extraction of non-ferrous metals

Case Studies


Buxton Lime - SITA Energy

Buxton Lime and Powders Technical Sales team worked with the SITA Isle of Man operations team to select the ideal grade of quicklime, and recommend modifications to the system and controls to give reliable operation and efficient, economic use of the product.

Technical Information


All our customers can rely on the technical support of Buxton Lime, to provide expert advice on the best products for their needs, and efficient reliable use and handling of our products.

To see the gas prices used to calculate a monthly lime energy surcharge please click here.

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