Lime for soil stabilisation and land remediation

Limbase quicklime products are recognised throughout the construction industry for consistent quality and performance. Stabilisation of weak clays and other marginal or excessively wet soils with Limbase quicklime is a well established technique giving environmental, speed and cost benefits for many ground engineering projects.


  1. Proven strength

    Limbase increases shear strength and bearing capacity while also improving resistance to weather and traffic.

  2. Reduced shrinkage

    Using Limbase reduces the ground's susceptibility to shrinkage and swelling, ensuring safer construction.  

  3. Easier foundation work

    Reduction of water content to improve strength, workability and compaction

  4. Less waste

    Using Limbase results in a dramatic reduction in the need to import fill and granular sub-base materials.  

  5. Lower construction costs

    Eliminates the need for muck shifting whilst also avoiding tipping charges and aggregate tax.  

  6. More sustainable

    Limbase greatly reduces construction traffic and offers a more sustainable option to alternative methods that require more extensive work to stabilise foundations.  

  7. Quality assured

    The Limbase range has been certified to ISO 14001.  

  8. Industry-leading innovation

    The result of Lafarge Tarmac's on-going commitment to research and development, Limbase is amoung the most innovative soil stabilisers in the industry.  

  9. Ultimate support

    At Lafarge Tarmac technical excellance comes as standard.  To ensure the best possible results, expert support and advice is never more than a phone call away.  

  10. Weather resistance

    Minimising the effect of wet weather


  • Soil stabilisation
  • Land remediation

Case Studies


Buxton Lime Geofirma - Case Study

Geofirma Ltd are one of the UK’s leading Soil Stabilisation and Groundworking contractors. Stabilisation of unsuitable ground with lime, cement or both is a well established technique for use on difficult construction sites.

Technical Information


All our customers can rely on the technical support of Buxton Lime, to provide expert advice on the best products for their needs, and efficient reliable use and handling of our products.

To see the gas prices used to calculate a monthly lime energy surcharge please click here.

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