Birmingham Asphalt Plant

200 Heartlands Parkway
Washwood Heath
B7 5PJ

Monday 12am - 12am
Tuesday 12am - 12am
Wednesday 12am - 12am
Thursday 12am - 12am
Friday 12am - 12am
Saturday 12am - 12am
Sunday 12am - 12am

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Asphalt Plant
About Birmingham Asphalt Plant

Tarmac Birmingham Asphalt Plant supplies high quality asphalt in Birmingham, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. As the UK's leading asphalt suppliers we offer a range of BBA accredited traditional and designed asphalts that offer reduced carbon emissions, reuse waste and, single layer asphalts, that use less material. Asphalt in Birmingham includes: BS EN 13108-1 Asphalt Concrete. AC 6, 10, 14, 20 and 32. Cl. 929 Design Base and Binders. BS EN 13108-4 HRA. High and Low Stone Content Design and Recipe HRA's inc. Cl. 943 performance class 2 35/14. BS EN 13108-5 SMA. 6, 10, 14mm and 20mm inc. PMB. BS EN 13108-7 Porous Asphalt - AC 20, 14 and 10 Open. Our specialist asphalt includes Clause 942 asphalt, Wax Modified Industrial asphalt, Asphalt for Driveways, Porous asphalt, Single Layer asphalt materials, Sustainable asphalt including Rubber Modified SMA and Warm Mix asphalt. We also offer PMB Polymer Modified Binder asphalt. We can operate 24/7 on request.