Soil blends for the majority of landscaping activities including planting and soil improvement. Available for delivery nationwide in bulk tipper vehicles and in bulk bags. 

Our multi-purpose blended soils are premium quality, fertile growing media. The manufactured blend of sand, silt, clay and organics make it an excellent all-round nutrient rich soil which favours planting schemes that prefer alkali conditions. This allows for a wide range of planting and landscaping jobs as: Turfing, seeding, planting flower beds, planting vegetables and general garden jobs.

It is important to maintain the physical condition of the soil and avoid structural damage during all phases of soil handling. As a consequence soil operations should take place when the soil is reasonably dry. Ensure the soil is not unnecessarily compacted and any soil handling should cease during and after heavy rainfall. Once the soil is reasonably dry, gentle raking and reincorporation of any separated organic material should be undertaken. 

Our topsoil is manufactured at sites that are tested in compliance to BS3882:2015. Our soil specialists will help you choose the best soil blend to meet the requirements of your landscaping project. Our topsoil and subsoil can be matched to local conditions or, if those conditions aren’t suited to what you want to achieve, help you to change them. 

Benefits of British Standard Topsoil

In order to offer plants, turf, and other vegetation the best opportunity to grow, the topsoil must comprise of a certified combination of minerals, nutrients, water, organic matter, air, and living organisms. 

As this mix can be hard to achieve naturally, the British Standard for Topsoil was introduced to ensure landscape architects, contractors, and specifiers have a ready-made point of reference to enable them to supply and spread a safe and tested product. 

BS 3882: 2015 ensures that each certified topsoil mix contains the correct pH level, to determine the correct acid/alkaline balance; the ideal physical composition to help avoid compaction; the right electrical conductivity value; as well as the maximum level of stones or sharps permitted. 

As Topsoil manufacturers we are regularly tested in line with BS 3882: 2015 standards to ensure all products are suitable for the intended end uses. Whilst different geographic areas will each have a unique geological composition – some may contain more sand, limestone or chalk than others – BS-certified topsoil can be used for all general-purpose applications, such as lawns or communal grassed areas across the country. However, for a topsoil with a specific end-use, such as a low nutrient topsoil for a wild flower meadow, it is possible to offer bespoke topsoil mixing, in line with BS 3882: 2015. 

Our soils range is available nationwide in bulk tipper vehicles or bulk bags.

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