Tarmac Highway Services

Leading national, socially responsible, sustainable highways maintenance and improvements contractor.

Having invented the modern road surface over 150 years ago, Tarmac’s Highway Services (THS) business is ideally suited to provide maintenance and improvement advice and support to highway authorities across the UK. 

We work collaboratively with our clients and supply chain partners to deliver continually improving technology-led services designed to enhance safety, minimise disruption and add social value to the communities we serve.

We are a national provider of highway maintenance services responsible for 17,500km of road assets. This excludes London, where we maintain 22% of the local highway network via contracts with 7 London boroughs through wholly owned subsidiary, Riney.

One of our proudest achievements, which is a testament to the culture of the business and the way we delight our clients, is that we have secured all available extensions on all contracts since trading began. This applies to both Tarmac Highway Services and Riney.


THS provides the full range of services required to be delivered on a highway authority maintenance and improvement contract with a preference for self-delivery of elements. We also engage a network of trusted partners to provide professional services (design, asset management) and other highways related services.


Cycling & walking infrastructure schemes


Section 58 Safety Inspections


Civil engineering schemes


Traffic management


Planned and reactive maintenance


Winter service


Street lighting


Footway and Carriageway surfacing and repairs


Supporting our communities and partners

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National coverage

Tarmac Highway Services operates across the UK and London. Offering customers integrated asphalt design innovation, contracting services, asset management and value engineering programmes.

Halton, Warrington | Knowsley | Nottinghamshire | Norfolk| North Yorkshire (Boroughbridge for D2D) | Walsall | Rutland | Runcorn (Mersey Gateway Bridge) 

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Tarmac Highway Services (THS) leverages the combined strength of the core aggregate generation and materials production business and its traditional road construction business to deliver an unrivalled end-to-end highways service. Our proposition is founded on the 3 core principals of delivering excellence in safety, environment and digital transformation.

Crossroad improvements

Tarmac Highway Services complete improvements to the notorious Hempnall crossroads, Norfolk.

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Crisis response

Tarmac Highway Services collaborate to offer support to flood crisis.

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Recycled materials

Tarmac and Nottinghamshire County Council help to set recycling record for the reuse of construction materials.

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Material design and innovation

Supported by our materials strength including Ultimate asphalt solutions which:  

  • Help tackle climate emergencies by decarbonising construction through warm-mix and single layer solutions

  • Enhance sustainability by recycling and reusing all arisings to reduce reliance on virgin aggregates – e.g. asphalt and waste tyres in our innovative rubber asphalt

  • Minimise disruption through the durability of our products and use of single-layer solutions


Carbon reducing asphalt
Rubber in asphalt - recycling tyres


Warm mix asphalts for speedy road openings


Whole life performance
Longer lasting design

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Safety first

Work Safe Home Safe is the Tarmac commitment which underpins our no-nonsense approach to ensuring the safety of our workforce and the public we interface with on a daily basis. Tarmac Highway Services proudly reports being Lost Time Injury free for 5 million+ hours and counting. This is an indicator of the effectiveness of our organisational culture, ambition, people, process and procedures but does not mean we are complacent in our focus on ensuring Work Safe Home Safe remains the priority objective.

Our teams have been providing services on all Tarmac highways contracts as key workers maintaining the safety of the nation’s infrastructure, since implementation of the Covid19 secure lockdown in March 2020. we have collaborated with our clients and supply chain partners to employ the safest possible working practices. We are determined that every effort will be made to implement ongoing improvements in line with Build Back Better ambitions.

Watch our expert panel at Highways UK Online 2020 discussing the challenges faced in collaborating effectively across the supply chain during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Tackling the climate emergency 

Our preferred approach is to partner with highway authorities where we can add most value through delivering a sustainable service to support councils’ climate emergency mitigation requirements. This means prioritising contracts where our strategic assets (i.e. asphalt / concrete plants and quarries) enable us to offer a differentiated level of service. This means through greater self-delivery and a circular economy approach by removing materials during footpath and carriageway improvement and renewal schemes and reusing them to create new products for use on the authority network. A consequential advantage of our approach is that HGV vehicle movements are significantly reduced which delivers safety and environmental benefits. This is further enhanced through making use of sites which are rail fed or  served by marine wharves.


Technology led

To support our client’s requirements to deliver more for less through a continually improving service, we deploy a number of technology solutions which are designed to:

  • Empower and assist our workforce in their daily activities, negating the need for cumbersome paperwork
  • Provide our managerial and administrative support services with real-time visibility of site activity and accurate data to inform decision-making
  • Facilitate collection of network data (condition / location) to inform the way we deliver our services and provide our clients with rich, contemporary information to assist with network management and support funding bids
  • Deliver right-first-time, safe and environmentally sustainable services

For works / contract management, our preferred approach is to match the client system – i.e. if the client uses Confirm, we will propose Confirm also. We find our clients prefer this approach to interfacing to a business wide system, delivering data accuracy and ‘single version of the truth’ benefits.

For network collection and inventory data collection have worked with Gaist, Vaisala and KaarbonTech to provide our clients with advanced data collection and modelling technology, manage budgets more efficiently, extend asset life cycles, and build robust business cases for investment.  Tarmac became the first private sector company to recognise the benefits to be gained from deploying Vaisala’s Road AI system which uses machine learning techniques to quickly and accurately survey and quantify highway asset information and condition.