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Concrete Maturity Performance Sensors

CEVO Digital wireless sensors that monitor concrete temperature and strength
to cut carbon and optimise build programmes.


What is concrete monitoring?

Concrete maturity monitoring is the use of sensors embedded into concrete to generate strength and temperature data. The digital and AI technology enables concrete structures to be built faster, smarter and more safely. Accurate, Realtime data transmitted from the on-site embedded concrete sensors provide irrefutable data management to enable complete control of the building programme and material specification.


Concrete sensors that embed science and AI technology into concrete.

Wireless concrete monitoring. Accurate concrete in-situ maturity testing.


Smart technology, CEVO Digital concrete monitoring sensors

CEVO concrete evolution has expanded its carbon reducing capability to offer customers digitally integrated, sensor maturity technology, CEVO DIGITAL, powered by converge. Now Realtime control of strength and temperature data will deliver your projects faster, smarter and more sustainably.

Linked directly via an app you have complete access to the concrete temperature and strength data allowing absolute confidence in optimisation of concrete mixes and programme scheduling.

Strike formwork up to 40% faster

Make faster, safer decisions on post-tensioning, formwork removal, road openings and programme scheduling.


The benefits of on-site concrete monitoring sensors

Enhance project safety, quality assurance and lability protection
Optmise concrete mixes to reduce carbon
Monitor temperature differential limits to avoid cracking
Provide an audit trail for quality assurance
Accurate in-situ concrete maturity testing data

"Offering market-wide access to innovative digital technology like Converge means we can offer even more innovations to our customers, providing them with the tools to reduce carbon on construction projects."

Andrew Campling
Head of Readymix Concrete Performance

Read the case study from Climate Investment

How CEVO Digital on-site concrete monitoring works

Our wireless concrete monitoring sensors are embedded into the concrete transmitting Realtime data to the converge app. Instantly, you can make vital decisions to optimise programme schedules and concrete mixes.


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CEVO Digital wireless concrete monitoring enables you to optimise concrete performance onsite to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Use real-time monitoring and AI predictions on concrete strength and temperature to strike formwork up to 40% faster. Take action at the perfect moment, no more waiting for concrete test lab results.

Benefit from efficient mix designs, ensuring the best quality concrete without overspending on over-designed mixes.

Today, CEVO DIGITAL, powered by converge, will help you deliver projects faster, smarter and more sustainably, by instantly accessing performance data to optimise concrete solutions.


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A new generation of concrete installation.

CEVO DIGITAL concrete performance monitoring sensors.

Powered by Converge

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