Rapid Asphalt Collect Service

Tarmac are an industry leader in the supply of high quality asphalts. Our Asphalt2Go collect asphalt service offers a priority asphalt collection service from our large network of quality assured UK asphalt plants.

Asphalt products available to collect

Drop in,
load up,
drive out

No fuss, no hassle

Simply drive into any of our collect asphalt plants across the UK and we’ll quickly fill up your vehicle with high quality asphalt. Whether you need a small or a large collection, we’ll complete your order swiftly and efficiently. 


Across the UK

We can provide everything you need, from high quality asphalt to fast delivery readymixed concrete. We offer welfare facilities and a shop for all your accessories all onsite.

To order, call your local Asphalt2Go site.

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Your safety is our priority

At Tarmac we care about people, and constantly strive to improve our performance because nothing is more important than the safety and health of our customers. Naturally this extends to our busy Asphalt2Go plants.

Tarmac is committed to achieving a target of Zero Harm.


Safety Helmet

Safety Glasses

Safety Footwear

(for sheeting up)

Hi-Vis Clothing


Helpful spread guide

Use our guide of spread rates to help work out the right quantity for your job.

*Figures shown are based on limestone asphalts and macadams. This guide is designed to show sample spread rates and is intended as a guide only. Actual spread rates can vary depending on the aggregate used.

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Average thickness of course (mm) Open graded and single course macadam and porous asphalts* (M2/T) Heavy duty, dense, modulus, close, medium and fine-graded macadams* (M2/T)
20 20-27 18-24
25 17-22 15-19
30 14-17 13-15
35 12-16 11-13
40 12-15 10-12
45 10-13 9-11
50 9-12 8-10
60 8-10 7-8.5
65 7-10 6-7.5
75 7-8 5-6.5
100 4.5-6 4-5
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