Innovations to empower our customers

Digital technology has transformed the way we live our lives. At Tarmac, we have focused recent digital transformation to improve our customer experiences. Connect is our platform for 24/7 account access, self-service data on payments and order tracking. The progamme also includes process improvements for deliveries, material quality assurance and order tracking.


View all of your documentation, request quotes and orders, and track deliveries in one place.

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New digital ticketing solution providing real-time tracking of our deliveries.

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Harnessing data to provide quality assurance and more effective deliveries.

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Helping our customer service teams to deal with your enquiries more efficiently and intelligently.

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The connect commitment

We want all our customers to choose Tarmac time  and time again, not only for our industry-leading products but for our excellent customer service.

We want our customers to:

  • Trust what we say
  • Feel valued as individuals, not orders
  • Benefit from transparency in everything we do
  • Have access to relevant information and latest technology that makes business more efficient
  • Believe that we are easy to do business with
    - efficient, insightful and helpful

Connecting you

Tarmac Connect is our commitment to enhance our customer service and, to continually improve customers' experiences. The Connect platform brings together our teams' expertise and the latest innovations to improve the services that customers value most.

Technology is helping us to deliver the stand-out experiences we want to create every time you do business with us. Above all, it is allowing our customers to make informed decisions about their materials and product needs.

Local structure

Dedicated regional teams help us to keep close to our customers and what they need.

Integrated order and delivery teams

Streamlined flexible teams price, place orders, plan and schedule deliveries in one call.

Customer service

Technical know-how, and new ways of working designed to go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

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If you wish to talk to us about productivity or innovation, please email the team at [email protected]