Tarmac Marine operates in the southern North Sea, English Channel, Bristol Channel and Irish Sea.

Our fleet of four ships is purpose built for aggregate dredging and as part of a network of wharves and processing plants Tarmac Marine supplies high quality natural sand and gravel aggregates into major UK construction projects. 

Our marine team is based in Chichester, West Sussex. It comprises specialists in marine and wharf operations, ship engineering and mineral resources.  


Building our world

The River Thames is home to our busiest processing plants and together with 11 other landing points Tarmac Marine contributes millions of tonnes of essential sands and aggregates into UK buildings and infrastructure.  We run two joint venture operations and regularly supply other UK third party wharves.

The ships operate round the clock, extracting sand and gravel from licensed dredging areas in waters between 10 and 45 metres deep. 

The ships deliver cargoes to landing points close to where the aggregates are used. This greatly reduces lorry movements which offers major benefits to programme logistics in cities such as London, Southampton and Cardiff. 


Our fleet

City of London

5000 tonnes

City of Westminster

5200 tonnes

City of Chichester

2300 tonnes

City of Cardiff

2300 tonnes


At Tarmac we aim to be a good neighbour. We actively engage with other marine industries, including fishermen, and local marine conservation groups to ensure that we avoid any adverse effects from our activities.  In addition, we regularly engage with local schools and universities.  

We collaborate with organisations to make active contributions. One of the most important being the part we play in sea defence and beach replenishment schemes. 

Life at sea

3 weeks on, 3 weeks off.
Tarmac Marine careers, offering a unique way of life.

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