Specialist Products

Packed and bulk aggregates, cement and bituminous products for specialist markets.

High-quality packed and bulk specialist construction products for roads, infrastructure and buildings.

Aggregate, cement and bituminous  products for specialist applications.

Tarmac Specialist Products manufacture and deliver high-quality product to meet a wide range of applications and specifications. Our industry experts constantly evaluate product performance, new innovations and quality control standards to ensure product consistency and durable, effective performance. So, whether you need a specialist tunnel grout or a rapid set concrete, our formulations help you achieve outstanding results – quickly and safely. 

Over the last 30 years we have supplied specialist materials to many projects of national significance including a rapid set, high strength flowing concrete to the London Underground and a specially formulated screed that was required to be pumped to the 52nd floor of The Shard building in central London.

Over 30 years experience - comprehensive technical support - collaborative working

As a leading UK construction materials supplier, we continuously improve circular economy performance.


Specialist products plastic bags contain at least 30% recycled material and are recyclable themselves. Our tubs will move to 100% recycled plastic shortly once existing stocks are depleted.


Alongside this we have reduced the volume of plastic pallet wrap waste by 50%.


At least 13% of the raw materials we use during manufacture are recycled. Our quest to source more recycled products and utilise new raw materials with lower environmental impact continues!

Specialist products range


Grouts, repair mortar and concretes for general and specialist construction, tunnelling, mining, building and construction applications. 

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A range of waterproofing joint sealing strips used in under water tunnels, drainage systems and large civil engineering construction projects.

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PQX Cement

PQX Cement is a quick setting, ultra-rapid strength gain cement for use in time-limited, rapid repair or replacement concrete construction. 

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Packed Highways 

Products designed to meet the rigorous maintenance demands of the UK’s road network. Including HAPAS and BBA approved Ultipatch Pothole and Footway cold lay asphalt products.

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Ultibed bedding mortars

Bedding mortars, concretes and ancillary products designed to deliver early return to service works. Includes Ultibed concretes, Ultipatch Edgemaster and Linemaster.

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Packed Flooring

Factory produced screeds manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001 for consistent high-quality performance. Includes hi-flow, self-levelling screeds.

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Limelite Plasters

The ultimate solution in breathable plaster systems. Limelite is the lightweight, gypsum free, easy to work range of renovation plasters. BBA approved for damp and flood damaged properties.

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Limelite Heritage

Formulated for use in conservation projects Limelite Heritage includes cement-free mortars and grouts specifically developed for controlled strength and the sympathetic repair of historic buildings.

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Marshalls Pave

Tarmac & Marshalls, brings together a range of paving bedding, priming and jointing products designed exceed the demanding requirements of BS 7533.

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Pozament Platinum precision grouts

Flowing, high strength and rapid setting precision grouts for accurate installation of elements like bridge bearings, stanchion base plates and machinery.

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Bespoke Manufacture and toll blend

Create and manufacture a product designed to meet your own specific needs and, if required, in your own label packaging.