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- our sustainability priorities

Sustainability is essential for the prosperity and well-being of society, our customers, the communities in which we operate and the long-term success of our business.

The world is changing, and it is widely recognised by UK Government and the construction sector that environmental and social considerations will transform our future - what we build, what we build it with and how we build it.

As a leader in the UK construction sector, Tarmac recognises the important role we have in enabling the transition to a sustainable, resilient built environment, the benefits this will bring to society and the opportunities for our business.


Our approach

Our approach to sustainability is at the centre of our business, embedded in everything we do.

To guide us on our journey, we established an External Sustainability Panel to provide expert advice. By working with the Panel and other stakeholders, we have identified the key sustainability priorities for our business. We have set ourselves challenging commitments which take us beyond incremental improvements to business transforming solutions.

We have a credible strategy to achieve these ambitious targets.  

Our strategy emphasises the importance of adopting a whole life approach and embedding sustainability into everything we do. From the goods we purchase, our operations and logistics but also the performance of our products in use and their reuse and recycling at the end of their life. 

Act - Sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy builds on past achievements and is called ‘Act’, because we firmly believe that we all need to act now to change our future.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability is about securing long-term success for our business, customers and communities by continually improving environmental, social and economic performance throughout the whole life cycle of our products, services and solutions.

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Sustainable construction

To help our customers understand our solutions and their attributes throughout the whole life cycle of their use we classify them within four categories.

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In built

The performance of our business and products. 


In construction

The way in which our products perform during construction.


In use

How our products perform when they have been installed.


In support

We offer a range of tools, services and support that help to design and build more sustainably.


Tools to help you achieve more sustainable construction

We support our customers to help them meet the challenge of creating a more sustainable built environment. We encourage early supplier engagement so that we can help customers and clients develop and select the best products, services and solutions for their project.