A day in the life of Adam Cowell

June 20, 2018

Adam Cowell – Technical Sales Representative

Adam’s in-depth knowledge of Tarmac’s innovative products ensures that our clients find the perfect construction product to meet their needs. We follow him on a typical day.
It’s an early start for me, but I’m not heading to the office. Instead, I start the day training a contractor to use our recently launched Topflow Screed C Belitex. I log into a record sheet linked to my phone to check that the load is on its way to site and has been mixed to the correct specification.

My next stop is in Leamington Spa. I see a wide variety of construction sites and here a client is pouring Topflow self compacting concrete in a vertical application. Vertical pours can be technically tricky, so I’m on hand to advise the client, and make sure the project achieves a high-quality finish.

After lunch I’m at another site viewing some ‘autumn bronze’ Toptint coloured concrete. The coloured mix was cast last month and is now fully polished – who said that concrete can’t be beautiful?

We discuss future projects and the potential for polishing Belitex,a fast flowing screed. I note this visit along with the others in iSnapshot, a mobile app that helps me to keep track of customer visits. I will also add the pictures from this project to our Google Plus page, which is used to showcase examples of our work.

Throughout the day, my phone rings fairly constantly, with both sales calls, including orders and pricing enquiries, and technical calls. One particularly interesting call is from a customer requiring an unusually thin section screed to smooth off rough concrete slabs. Fortunately, Tarmac has the solution and I recommend Excelio, an innovative screed that can be laid bonded at the 12mm depth required.

In just one call, we settle on a solution, price the material and book the job with our distribution team. I’m in constant contact with the distribution team to track pour times and get customer orders booked in.

With my Excelio order confirmed for next week, I make my way to the final visit of the day. Here, Topflow Hz is being used to complete the foundations for a triple garage and the client is thrilled that it will only take an hour to lay and finish.

As a Technical Sales Representative, customers are relying on me to be the expert and to help them to produce flawless projects using the latest product innovations. One of the things I enjoy most about my job is that I teach a lot but I don’t stop learning either, and seeing satisfied clients is really rewarding.