Coloured asphalt for driveways, footpaths, roads, parking areas and public spaces


ULTICOLOUR is a range of vibrant coloured asphalts that bring outdoor spaces to life. ULTICOLOUR has many uses, from driveways and playgrounds to estate roads and bus lanes.

Using a high performance clear binder, ULTICOLOUR offers far brighter colours than conventional asphalts. It is also highly durable, delivering lasting performance, even on highly trafficked roads.

ULTICOLOUR offers architects, urban planners and landscape designers an alternative way to define space in a way that improves safety, visibility, navigation and aesthetics.

ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts are also BBA HAPAS accredited for use on UK highways as a Clause 942 thin surface course. 

ULTICOLOUR porous coloured asphalts are also available as a sustainable drainage solution that meets planning requirements and eliminates the problem of surface water on driveways, car parks, footpaths, playgrounds and sports surfaces. 

Where can ULTICOLOUR be used?

Coloured asphalt for highways

ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts are BBA HAPAS accredited for use on UK highways can be used in many applications such as lane demarcation, bus stops, bus lanes, cycle lanes, taxi ranks, estate roads and tunnel surfacing.

Coloured asphalts for residential settings

ULTICOLOUR is available in a range of colours that complement architectural designs and residential settings including, driveways, visitor parking areas, estate roads, resident parking bays, trade car parking and pathways.

Coloured asphalts for landscape design

ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts are the ideal choice for driveways, resident parking, footpaths, area zoning, garden paths, decorative paving, hard landscaping, pedestrian areas, porous surfacing and play areas.

Coloured asphalts for public spaces

ULTICOLOUR is a popular choice of surface for public spaces, leisure centres and other leisure settings. Ideal uses include, play areas, multi use games areas, sports surfaces, sports pitches, stadia, promenades, footpaths and parking areas.

Coloured asphalts for education

ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts are ideal to be used in schools and education environments. It is perfect for playgrounds, play areas, multi use games areas (MUGA), sports surfaces, sports pitches, safe footpaths, and parking areas.

Coloured asphalts for retail and commercial

ULTICOLOUR asphalts are available in a colours that complement designs of retail and commercial settings. Uses include parking areas, display areas, retail spaces, delivery areas, employee car parking and pathways.


Guarantees and accreditation


*5 year guarantee potentially available through our accredited contractor scheme

Additional info

ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts have an unrivalled 20 year record of performance. It has been used at some of the UK's most iconic sites like The Mall, London Zoo, Stonehenge and several Premier League football stadiums.

ULTICOLOUR is available as a porous coloured asphalt with a specialist porous binder course, to meet planning requirements, eliminate the problem of surface water and deliver a sustainable drainage solution.

ULTICOLOUR POROUS 10mm is intended for the construction of porous parking areas where it can form part of a SuDS system. It is included as a surface course option within the BBA HAPAS approved ULTISuDS system which is subject to a separate contractor approval.

ULTICOLOUR POROUS 6mm is suitable for the construction of porous driveways, playgrounds and sports surfaces when combined with a suitable porous binder course. ULTIDRIVE POROUS Binder Course is recommended for trafficked applications. ULTISPORT binder course is suitable for playgrounds and sports surfaces.

The techncial data for ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts is as follows:

ULTICOLOUR SMA 6mm for driveways, footpaths, play areas, cycle paths. Typical texture depth <1.0mm. Nominal layer thickness 25 – 40mm.

ULTICOLOUR SMA 10mm for car parks, carriageways, bus lanes. Typical texture depth 1.1 -1.5mm. Nominal layer thickness 30-45mm.

ULTICOLOUR POROUS 6mm for driveways, footpaths and pedestrian zones, sports surfaces and tennis courts, Nominal layer thickness 25-40mm.

ULTICOLOUR POROUS 10mm for porous car parks and sustainable drainage. Nominal layer thickness 30-45mm.

ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts are BBA HAPAS accredited for use on UK highways as a coloured thin surface course. Tarmac's road surfacing solutions are available as either a stone mastic asphalt (SMA), hot rolled asphalt or as coloured pre-coated chippings.

ULTICOLOUR is only available for installation by accredited contractors. All contractors go through a stringent process of training and monitoring of initial contracts to ensure that all aspects of the work is completed correctly and to a high standard. Only then is accredited contractor status granted.

ULTICOLOUR is available from dedicated plants, strategically located throughout the UK. This gives Tarmac exceptional national coverage.

Tarmac have a team of experienced Technical Product Support Managers to provide advice on specific site requirements and offer valuable technical support. To organise an appointment visit the contact section of this website.

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