Durable cycle lane demarcation at busy junction

Junction Of Felpham Way and Downview Road, West Sussex



West Sussex CC


Drivepoint Construction

Location type

Junction on cycle route


March 2021

The challenge

The client was seeking to improve visibility and safety at a busy, traffic light controlled road junction. This scheme was part of their wider commitment to cycle safety and encouraging more cycling to help improve public health and embed more sustainable forms of transport. The brief was to make advanced cycle stop lines at the junction as impactful as possible by achieving a high visual contrast between the stop lines and the surrounding road. Green high friction surfacing (HFS) had previously been used at this junction but was in need of replacement. The new surface would need to be durable given the high volumes of daily traffic. Since the existing substrate would also need to be replaced, the council decided to explore an alternative approach using Tarmac’s ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalt to deliver the required colour demarcation. 

Our solution

Following the initial enquiry through Tarmac’s Technical Product Support Manager a cost comparison was undertaken comparing the projected whole life cost of ULTICOLOUR with like for like replacement of the existing surface course and HFS. ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts are BBA HAPAS accredited for use on UK highways as a thin surface course and have been used on UK roads for over 20 years. ULTICOLOUR asphalts use a clear binder and colour matched aggregates to produce bright coloured asphalts that provide effective demarcation on highways. They have demonstrated impressive durability and long-term performance, even on heavily trafficked routes like busy bus lanes. The analysis showed that although there was a small uplift in cost for ULTICOLOUR this was more than offset by the longer expected pavement life compared to HFS which, based on local experience, was expected to last no more than five years. 

Results and benefits

Around 14 tonnes of 10mm ULTICOLOUR SMA was installed as planned and completed in a single day in March. Fast, single pass installation of ULTICOLOUR meant that work could be completed quickly, minimising disruption to road users. The new surface has helped to provide a long-term solution to improving demarcation and cycle safety on this important cycle route. Based on the evidence of the long-lasting performance of ULTICOLOUR on other sites, the client was confident that the new surface would provide a long lasting, maintenance free solution. As well as reducing future costs, this would also help to minimise future road closures and disruption. ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts are becoming increasingly popular for use on busy cycleways including the recent installation of a 3.3 km two-way section of segregated cycleway on the A34 in Birmingham. 

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