Preventing cracking in concrete based road

A614, Howden, East Yorkshire



East Riding of Yorkshire Council


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Major Road


April 2016

The challenge

East Riding of Yorkshire Council required a resurfacing solution for a busy 2.7km section of the A614 in Howden. This A-road is a key arterial route linking the M62 with rural East Yorkshire and the coast at Bridlington. The road had previously been widened, from 7.3 metres to over 10 metres, using a concrete slab with an asphalt overlay. However, cracking and deformation had occurred where the new section of concrete slab joined the existing pavement. This required extensive patching that was an ongoing drain on the Council’s highway maintenance budget. It also caused extended delays and disruption to road users.

Our solution

Tarmac’s successful proposal incorporated ULTILAYER SAMI, a highly flexible pavement inter-layer, to prevent movement at the joint between the old and new pavement from causing cracking in the asphalt layers above. ULTILAYER SAMI is a fine graded, dense asphalt which uses the latest Polymer Modified Binder (PMB) technology to resist cracking in jointed concrete based pavements and is laid directly onto concrete, using conventional paving equipment. Long term monitoring of completed contracts on the UK road network has shown overlays using ULTILAYER SAMI to outperform conventional asphalt overlays. As a result, it extends pavement life and minimises long term repair and resurfacing requirements.

Results and benefits

As planned, the existing surface was planed out and ULTILAYER SAMI was laid beneath the new binder and surface course. By resisting cracking in the new road surface it will break the cycle of repeated failure and repair. The client was impressed with the outcome: “The quality of the finished surface was fantastic and the work was carried out to the highest of standards. Using the new product was the first step in a long-term whole scheme solution, which will help us negate the need for regularly patching up the old and cracked surface,” James Sissons, Assistant Principal Engineer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

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Additional info

Solution for concrete based pavements

Avoided costly and disruptive future maintenance due to cracking in the HRA surface.

Long term crack prevention

Avoided the need for regular road closures and patched repairs.

Smarter asset management

This intervention improved the long term condition of the road to help reduce future maintenance costs.

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