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Traffic Management on the A55, North Wales Express Way

A55 and A494 between Northrop and Elowe interchanges



North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Association (NMWTRA)


Tarmac Contracting, Griffiths and Tarmac Traffic Management

Location type

High speed dual carriageway


June 2020

The challenge

To carry out major full width repairs and resurfacing operations on both east and westbound carriageways whilst maintaining a through route for mainline traffic with access and egress to and from all frontages, businesses and affected stakeholders within the site, surrounding areas and diversion routes. In the mist of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Our solution

The Covid 19 pandemic proved to be an unexpected ally due to travel restrictions imposed which reduced traffic counts by over 50%. This enabled us to impose single lane running 24/7 without producing any delays. With the assistance of the Welsh Government and Flintshire County Council suitable diversion routes were identified which allowed us to completely close either the east or westbound carriageway overnight and from Friday at 7pm to Monday at 6am over the weekends.

Gatemen complete with body cameras were allocated to each entry point when the A55 was closed. Additional mitigation signs were erected explaining to the traveling public the essential work we were carrying out and that we were conforming to social distancing requirements.


Results and benefits

The works were completed on time within budget with minimum distribution.

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Additional info

The A55 is the “North Wales Express Way” connecting North West England’s Industrial areas with the Irish Sea port at Hollyhead as well providing the principal trunk and tourist route in the region.

Tarmac Traffic Management is experienced, friendly and professional at operating high speed, event, urban and pedestrian management services. Design and consultancy services include CAD traffic management plans, license or permit applications and electronic transfer of notifications (EToN). We also provide NHSS 12 A/B and D training from our Lantra approved training Centre.

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