Track readymix concrete consistency


Assure data system improves quality and efficiency.

Connect Assure uses intelligent mobile monitoring devices to track concrete consistency at the plant and within the delivery vehicle. 

It not only measures and records quality, but actively manages it by adding water as required to ensure the mix’s consistency. This eliminates any risk of jobs going wrong due to concrete weakened by inaccurate water addition on site.

Where is my concrete?

We know that visibility of deliveries is important. Assure allows our customers to track their orders in real time via a dedicated mobile app showing the GPS location of our delivery vehicles. Important information including a delivery’s mix, slump and quality is also available at the touch of a button. This information is available immediately or logged and accessible for years after delivery took place.

Continuous data collection ensures quality and consistency

Concrete is ready to go as soon as it arrives on site

Track orders in real time during transit


Using Assure in our mixers ensures that concrete arrives as specified, ready to use. It also reduces the amount of manual slump testing required on site. Less manual testing means less time wasted, benefitting productivity and supporting operative safety. The system provides peace of mind about the concrete’s quality through a comprehensive data read-out.

Tarmac is the first construction materials supplier in the UK to use this state-of-the-art technology. By capturing detailed data on each load’s quality and progress throughout a journey, it helps us to continually optimise our operations and mix designs.

What our customers say

"Connect Assure has made a significant contribution to our operations and has allowed us to boost productivity on site by as much as 70 per cent.

The technology allows much greater control over the consistency of materials than was previously achievable through batch control alone.

By constantly measuring and adjusting water content, we can be confident that the quality of the concrete we pour is the same every time, regardless of journey time."

James Charlesworth
Managing Director of Extrudakerb

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