How does Tarmac support local communities and add social value? 

Whilst Tarmac is a nationally operating business, it is built upon serving the local community in which it's operations are a based. It is our goal to maximise the positive benefits we bring to local communities through employment, contribution to local economies and skills development. We want to use our presence to make things better for the people living around us and mitigate any potential impacts.

We pride ourselves on our active involvement in communities and it’s important that we continue to develop these long-standing relationships based on trust and understanding. To ensure we make a net positive contribution, we focus on three broad areas: building stronger community relations, supporting education and development of young people and improving the local environment. More details on our commitments can be found in our Sustainability Strategy and you can find information in our annual sustainability report of the actions that we have already taken.

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Last updated:
November 6, 2020