What is the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund and how do I apply?

"The Landfill Tax Credit (as it was originally named) was established by the Government in 1996. It enables landfill operators to donate part of their annual tax liability to enrolled Environmental Bodies for a variety of approved community and environmental projects. Since the Landfill Communities Fund was established, we have donated over £20 million to local communities and projects throughout the UK.

More information about the Landfill Communities Fund can be found here: http://www.entrust.org.uk/

Local groups can apply for funding for a wide range of community and environmental projects within 7 miles of a Tarmac waste, cement and lime or quarrying site provided they are within 10 miles of any licensed landfill site.

For further guidance or an information pack, please contact Derbyshire Environmental Trust on 01629 539182 or 01629 538614, or at [email protected]"

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Last updated:
October 22, 2020