Tarmac’s Net Zero Roadmap

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We’re committed to becoming a net zero business by 2050.

Decarbonising our construction materials, road contracting and building products businesses, and providing construction material products, services and solutions that help society and the UK built environment tackle the climate emergency is central to our commercial strategy and corporate purpose.

Read our plan to achieve net zero across all aspects of our business, and the firm steps we’re taking to support the UK’s net zero targets.


Climate targets

To drive our transition to net zero, our group has set an ambitious, industry leading target to reduce absolute CO2 emissions across the construction materials, surfacing and building products businesses by 30% by 2030.


Our targets are based on reducing our Scope 1, 2 and 3 CO2 emissions:

SCOPE 1 are direct CO2 emissions from the sources we own or control – for example, from fuels used in our operations and vehicles
SCOPE 2 are CO2 emissions we create indirectly – for example, from the electricity we buy
SCOPE 3 are indirect CO2 emissions in our value chain – for example, from the goods we buy
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We issue annual reports on our progress. View our latest results.

Transitioning to support you with our Net Zero Materials

100% clean energy
EV100 signatories - with all car and van fleet to be electric by 2030
Use of transition fuels such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO)
Supporting the development of a low carbon infrastructure
Supply chain engagement through the Decarbonisation Club and Innovation Challenge
Exploring energy self-sufficiency options
Transitioning mobile plant to electric
CO2 - Acting together

Acting together

Tarmac is committed to helping customers drive decarbonisation across UK construction and infrastructure projects. Early engagement and collaboration are vital. We work in partnership with contractors and clients to unlock carbon savings by making informed material choices and to understand the product carbon footprints when making low carbon design decisions.

We recognise net zero is a collaborative commitment and are open to exploring opportunities to trial, develop, and deliver the progress demanded by this global opportunity.

To do this we are:

Carbon Footprint

Working with customers to understand the environmental impacts of their materials. Over 700 carbon footprints produced yearly.
Tarmac Supplier Sustainability Week

Collaborating with 800 members of our supply chain and over 200 companies at our Supplier Sustainability Weeks.

Tarmac Innovation Challenge

Educating and assisting our top suppliers with calculating their scope 1,2 and 3 emissions. Developing concepts from the innovation challenge.

Net zero logistics

Delivering net zero logistics by elevating push and pull factors.

Net zero

Engaging on the development of UK industry standards to include lower carbon cements and alternative binders, enabling formal documentation of their suitability and environmental performance.

Low carbon

Playing an active part in low carbon industrial clusters for the Northwest, South Wales and Scotland.

Tarmac 2030 Carbon Reduction Initiatives Summary

CO2 reduction
30% absolute reduction
by 2030
Renewable electicity
100% Renewable Electricity
All of our purchased electricity is from guaranteed renewable sources
Electricity switching
Electricity Switching
We are electrifying operational equipment where possible
Energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency
All our sites have energy efficiency targets
Fuel switching
Low Energy Manufacturing and Fuel Switching
We are fuel switching to reduce CO2 across the product portfolio and manufacturing sites
Increased recycling
Increased Recycling
We aim to optimise the use of recycled materials within our products
EV card and vans
EV cars and vans
We have pledged to transition 100% of our company car and van fleet to electric before 2030
Reducing CO2 in product design
Product Design
We are reducing the amount of CO2 intensive clinker in cement and concrete

Taking action on Net Zero – watch

Tarmac, carbon sink and biogenic binders


Reuse - construction resource, CD&E


Recycled material solution


Net zero construction will only be achieved through collaborative innovation and a firm commitment to adopt next generation solutions. We are open to new thinking, to exploring technologies and to trialling change as we develop, and deliver the progress demanded by this global opportunity.

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