A day in the life of Gabrielle Fairweather

Gabrielle has worked at our Birtley office for just over three years, helping customers to find the perfect products for their projects. We found out what a typically busy day involves:

Delivering an end-to-end approach to asset renewal

Highways networks are often local authorities’ biggest asset, yet in recent times councils across the UK have struggled with maintenance, trapped in a familiar cycle of inadequate funding and inefficient reactive repairs.

Putting the customer first: the shift to an outcome-focused supply chain

The UK’s £600 billion infrastructure pipeline presents substantial opportunities for our sector. It also poses a significant challenge. Together with the pressing demand for new housing, there is an unprecedented requirement for the construction industry to deliver major new projects both efficiently and economically.

An innovative approach to pothole perils

Alex Wright, General Manager of Tarmac’s packed highways products division Recent wintry weather has brought the condition of the local network to the fore and with it, the sentiment of people and businesses towards potholes. To truly tackle this perennial issue, a preventative maintenance and asset management approach is best to proactively target the most at-risk areas and stop them from fully forming. This is a solution that Tarmac, through our Contracting team, works alongside local authorities to deliver. However, the reality for most highways teams is that a preventative …

Technology paving the way to the digital era

Big data is a term that has been widely used by the business community in the past few years but one which, to date, has yet to fully deliver its potential impact in the highways industry.

A day in the life of Adam Cowell

Adam Cowell – Technical Sales Representative Adam’s in-depth knowledge of Tarmac’s innovative products ensures that our clients find the perfect construction product to meet their needs. We follow him on a typical day. It’s an early start for me, but I’m not heading to the office. Instead, I start the day training a contractor to use our recently launched Topflow Screed C Belitex. I log into a record sheet linked to my phone to check that the load is on its way to site and has been mixed to the …

A day in the life of Katie Barrett

Despite having been in her role less than a year, Katie is already an integral part of the team at our Bestwood Quarry, helping to trial innovative new technologies to boost the site’s output and maximise efficiency. She explains what a typical day involves.

Putting highways on the right road to productivity

Andrew Rowley, National Commercial Director With local authorities bidding for a share of funding from the National Productivity Investment Fund and tough efficiency targets set by Highways England, improving efficiency and flexibility are at the top of the highways industry’s agenda. Drawing on my involvement with Highway’s England’s Pavement Efficiency group and my wider professional experience, I believe there are five key areas where simple changes could boost productivity. Engaging early All parties – from clients and designers through to Tier 2 and Tier 3 contractors – must be engaged …