Caysbriggs Cobbles & Pebbles

Naturally sourced stones from Scotland


Used throughout the UK Caysbriggs quarry pebbles and cobbles are chosen for many decorative landscaping and gardening projects.

Naturally sourced at The Pitagaveny Estate in Lossiemouth, these specialist materials are valued for their shape, colour and durability.

The aesthetic appearance of Caysbriggs pebbles and cobbles means they are widely sought for exclusive and high profile landscaping projects.

London Zoo, Alton Towers and Legoland all feature decorative and functional exhibits using this Lossiemouth product.

They have also been used at Manchester City FC Training Academy, exhibitions at Chelsea and Balmoral and, to repair Hadrian’s wall. Some have even been exported to Japan.


Where can Caysbriggs Cobbles and Pebbles be used?

Fish friendly

Caysbriggs Cobbles and Pebbles is fish friendly and ideal for residential ponds and water features.

Plant pot toppers

Helps reduce weed growth and adds complementary colour to plants.


Caysbriggs Cobbles and Pebbles naturally lock together when driven over, creating the ideal aesthetic solution for driveways.


Provides a natural and attractive edging to any pathway.


The cobbles and pebbles harvested at Caysbriggs have a complex origin.

The majority started out as deposits of quartz-sandstones laid down approximately 800 million years ago and later 500 million years ago. These were altered by heat and pressure into a stronger rock called psammite. Broken up by weather and episodes of glacial action during the last ice age, the rock was then rounded into cobbles and pebbles by glacial movement, rivers and streams. Thousands of years ago they finally arrived at the Moray coast where the deposits were then shifted, rounded and polished again by sea action which sorted the cobbles and pebbles into long strands parallel to the coast. While Psammites or quartz sandstones form the majority of cobbles and pebbles just under a third are made from younger grey and pink granites. These are thought to have travelled further, before being mixed and sorted with the others and surrounded by fine round sand.

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