Silica Sands

Specialist and industrial high-quality silica sands. 

High quality silica sand is a much sought-after material used in a diverse range of industrial, manufacture and sporting applications.

Although the uses vary, the requirement is mostly the same; maximum silicon dioxide content, minimal clay fractions, low metallic contamination and accurate size separation.

Tarmac's silica sands are quarried in Cheshire and are available across the UK.


30 tonne tanker loads

Next day delivery

Rigid, 20 ton capacity tankers for small capacity silos and restricted access

About silica sands

The sub rounded shape and consistent sizing of the particles produces stronger moulds when mixed with binder.

Foundry and Industrial Applications

Our Cheshire sand deposit is suitable for a wide range of construction applications including grouting and floor screeds and it is an important ingredient in the production of building products such as roof and interior tiles, aerated concrete blocks and roofing felt.

In addition, we supply to producers of ceramics, paints, plastics, adhesives and coatings.


Foundry Sands

With a silica content in excess of 96% and predominantly sub-rounded grains, our Congleton sands are widely recognised as among the best in the UK for foundry core and mould production.


Our specialist and industrial silica sands are suitable for use in a diverse range of applications. We can provide products for many different uses and can tailor soil sand mixes for specific needs. 

What is silica sand?

Silicon and oxygen make silica, one of the earth's three most common rock forming minerals. Silica occurs in three main forms. It is a highly durable mineral resistant to heat and chemical attack and it is these properties that have made it an essential material in manufacture and construction.

Our high-quality silica sands are regularly supplied across industry, manufacture and sports and leisure.


Foundry and moulding sand


Floor screed sand


Tile adhesive sand


Roof felt manufacture sand


Brick production sand


Decorative aquatic sand


Sports and leisure sands


Block paving sand


Comprehensive technical support

Tarmac offer customers many years’ experience of UK based mineral exploitation and combines them with the foundry technology expertise. A rapid and comprehensive technical service is provided by experienced UK based staff who draw on experience of a truly global involvement in foundry operations.  


Over 100 years of silica sands manufacturing expertise.


Quality and Supply Assurance


From Eaton Hall quarry near Congleton, Cheshire, Tarmac supplies high quality sub-rounded silica sand suitable for a wide range of industrial uses. Sand is dredged, graded, dried, tested and packaged on site at Eaton Hall ensuring customers receive consistent material capable of meeting exacting specifications.

Our on-site, fully equipped laboratory, carries out continual monitoring and can provide customers with detailed technical information. Experienced staff members are always available to provide support and advice on our products and their related application.


Silica Sand is available both moist in tippers and dried in compressed tankers. 1 tonne bulk bags are also available upon request.

In all cases our operations are ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 assured.

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