Asphalt for highways and footways

Base, binder and surface asphalt design to meet highways and footpath asphalt specification. We supply and or contract pave across the UK. 

We designed the modern road surface and today, we are at the forefront of its evolving design. 

Our highways and footpath asphalts offer choice, performance and durability for a wide range of asphalt surface applications. From major improvement schemes and civil engineering projects to domestic use and footpaths. Roads, footpaths and highways construction must consider vastly differing performance criteria  such as, user volumes, maintenance options, traffic and axle loadings, design speeds and sub-soil conditions. Our asphalt solutions and expert contracting or technical teams are ready to support your project specification or installations.

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Fast, durable single layer asphalt for footpaths


Coloured asphalt


Sustainable, warm mix low temperature asphalt

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